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FUE VS FUT: What Type Of Hair Restoration Is Most Suitable For You?

If you are mourning from hair loss, then you can seek a profound solution with a hair transplant. It could work for you by providing a natural hairline and permanent hair growth. But, the weird situation occurs when it comes to choosing the best-suited hair restoration. There are majorly two innovative techniques of FUE and FUT hair transplant. But you might not be able to determine which is better for you, right? So, this article could help you to differentiate among the best hair restoration techniques. Hopefully, you will be able to make an informed decision to get hair restoration for improving your aesthetic looks.

What Does A Hair Transplant Do?

Well, it is needless to say that a hair transplant can entirely transform your look. You can have growth of hairs on the bald areas and can get specific results. It is an irrefutable fact that the choice for the hair restoration process varies from person to person. So, the primary way to select the best treatment is an initial consultation with a hair surgeon. But, for your knowledge, you must go through both hair transplant techniques below in this post.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant in London has magical effects because this hair transplant technique is considered more precise and accurate. In this process, each hair follicle will be harvested from the donor sites, which are the back and sides of the head. The harvested grafts will be implanted to the bald areas for hair growth. This technique could be manual or robotic. The machine would work as per the instructions of the hair surgeon to extract and implant the hairs. Therefore, the results will be accurate and precise. Here are the benefits of FUE hair restoration.

  • Less painful procedure
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less invasive
  • No visible scarring at the donor site
  • High-quality grafts with more survival rate
  • The suitable candidate for the FUE procedure

You can opt for this procedure if you have hair thinning or balding at the top and front of the head. However, the extraction of grafts could depend upon the density of hairs in the donor site. You can have this treatment particularly for covering bald patches and hair thinning. If you have a soft scalp, then you must also consider this procedure than a fut hair transplant.

FUT Or Follicular Unit Transplantation Hair Transplant

This method is also a result-driven hair restoration technique. It is sometimes called as Strip method due to its more surgical involvement. In this process, the surgeon would have to cut the strip of skin from the back of the head. This means the strip would be used then for extracting the hair follicles. However, this procedure can leave the donor area with a very clear and big scar. But, you will get natural-looking results with this treatment too. This technique is less recommended but still has benefits; you must take a look.

  • A high rate of follicles survive
  • Manageable recovery period
  • Natural and permanent results
  • No additional scarring apart from the donor site
  • The suitable candidate for FUT hair restoration

This method is recommended to patients who have a goal to get maximum coverage of baldness. For instance, if you have considerable hair loss due to genetics or other causes, you can get this treatment. It can help you to attain hair growth at the crown and top of the head. However, the procedure has a shorter duration as compared to FUE and can cover a larger area of the scalp. But you must consider the factor of the visible scar on the back of the head. So, this treatment is not suitable for you if you want to keep your hair shorter.

Cost Of FUE And FUT Hair Transplant

Cost is another important consideration to take into account when it comes to choosing a suitable hair restoration. So, FUE involves individual follicles extraction and has an average cost of 9000 dollars. However, the cost can change as per the number of grafts required. This could vary as per your individual requirements. Conversely, FUT is less expensive than FUE and comes with an average cost of 7000 dollars. But, again, the cost can vary as per the individual hair follicles requirement of the person.

Success Rate FUE Vs FUT

It is undoubtedly clear that both hair restoration techniques are popular in the cosmetic industry. But the success rate of these procedures depends on their individual characteristics. FUE comes with a higher success rate with 100 percent grafts survival rate. FUT comes with a success rate of 95 percent, which could be 100 % too. But the thing is that you must choose an experienced hair surgeon. Moreover, the potential scarring on the back of the head comes with the FUT procedure.

To Sum Up

FUE vs FUT hair transplant comparison has clearly mentioned that both techniques are innovative. Both males and females can consider these procedures for natural hair restoration. But, one should consider the benefits and drawbacks for both before selection. If the decision-making is confusing, then you must visit the hair surgeon to get a recommendation for the best one. This would certainly clear your dilemma and let you explore wonderful hair restoration benefits.

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