What’s the Difference Between Eternity Rings and Infinity Rings?

What’s the Difference Between Eternity Rings and Infinity Rings?

Eternity Rings are the symbolic representation of eternal or endless love while Infinity Rings has a related meaning symbolizes love that continues indefinitely. Sounds Similar !! but don’t get confuse if you are looking to buy eternity rings.

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The eternity ring refer to celebrating the love between you and your partner, with diamonds symbolizing never ending passion in an endless circle around the finger.

Couples generally celebrate special moments of their life with this chain of diamonds. For this reason, it has become the ring for heaven, the band for eternity, and the ring for festivals.

Years ago the concept of an eternity ring was invented by Egyptians. Whereas even then, these perfect bands with a snake motive chewing their tails similar to “8” were tokens of everlasting love and life. Please read further to get a clear picture of Eternity rings vs infinity rings.

Eternity Rings

To understand more about Eternity rings and infinity rings, we will take each of them separately. An eternal band is made of precious metal and contains diamonds, sometimes called an everlasting ring or an eternity ring. An eternity band symbolizes ever-lasting passion with an endless circle of diamonds.

Since the diamonds of an eternity ring round the whole finger are named eternity rings. This sort of ring gives an extra amount of sparkle to the wearer. Diamonds placed over the face of the ring are classified as seminary rings in alternative forms of immortality diamonds.

Eternity rings are gifts, traditionally presented to commemorate important accomplishments, such as a significant promotion or graduation, a child’s birth. It is simply a romantic, unique gift to express love for modern couples.

The constant diamond circle or a band symbolizes everlasting love. Giving eternity bands has a meaning widely connected with love and relationships.

Whatever the look or order you want, wearing an eternal ring on the left ring finger is normal. You may wear the ring between your marriage ring and your commitment ring, or in any combination that is appealing for you, as a present for a marked anniversary.

Half or Full Eternity Ring

In a Full Eternity Ring diamonds or colored gemstones encircle the complete circumference of the band. The number of stones on the ring make the ring look elaborate and luxurious. Also, it is more expensive as compared to a half eternity ring.

A half eternity ring has stones that studded only halfway around the circumference of the band. This ring style is considered to be more comfortable than a full eternity because there aren’t any gems on the lower half in this case. Hence, it makes it convenient for you to close your fingers.

Infinity Rings

A circle of infinity has a related meaning: it symbolizes the love that never ceases to exist.

Instead of a permanent diamond circle, the geometry of the infinity ring integrates the sign of infinity or figure 8 to indicate the endless connection between couples.

The symbol of endlessness can be embedded in a ring in many ways. There are infinite/endless circles at the top of the ring where a diamond core goes.

Some people refer to bands that imitate such form (with a twisting pattern) as infinite circles.

The infinite rings have the sign of infinity in the set, but there are differences in the curve arc and the number of accent diamonds used in the ring. For example, the Infinity Engagement Ring uses nearly all paving stones around the ring and the symbol is quite smaller and closer. The arcs are closer and may be considered twists, and only halfway down the band, other than that he winding diamond commitment ring is quite similar. 

Which Finger should Eternity or Infinity Rings be worn?

Eternity rings vs infinity rings. What to wear on which finger? Infinity rings and eternity rings should be worn on the ring finger as believed in the traditions. But what modern couples of today’s world postulate are that it may be worn on any finger of any hand. It may be worn on the same hand with other fashion statement accessories.

But there is no such limitation for an eternity ring. It is a custom that one should wear it in the left hand along with the engagement rings and wedding rings. But again, you can style it in your way as the end of the day what matters is your comfort.

The wedding band is supposed to be at the bottom, the engagement ring is next, to it and the eternity ring should be on the other side of the engagement ring, as you are piling the three diamond rings. Naturally, the order can be changed  of eternity rings and infinity ringsas you like or style. You may want to buy eternity rings even larger if you plan to wear it on your right hand.

When Would you Expect to Receive Eternity or Infinity Ring?

Eternity rings have typically been presented as a gift to signify a decade of marriage. Their purpose expanded over the years, from celebrating the birth of a firstborn child to other significant milestones in the married life of a couple. However, any special occasion, eternity, and infinity rings can be given.

Buy eternity rings or infinity rings to a loved one is always exciting. You will get a chance to experience their face glowing with happiness as the rings will always be a symbol of prosperity and desire. When you decide to present an eternity or infinity ring, pick a design they will love and be comfortable to wear in daily life.


When you want to buy eternity rings for your loved one, it is entirely down to personal preference. Beliefs between the giver and receiver may be significant and considered. Those who like to follow beliefs may wish to wear their rings on the ring finger. Whereas those who may have received the gift from a friend and not a significant one may wear it on any finger. The choice is entirely up to you!

Both infinity and eternity rings are not just beautiful to look at, but also packed with meaningful symbolism. They are, the wonderful gift option for someone you deeply care about and want to feel happiness on their face while expressing your love.

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