Students’ Challenges in Preparing for the IELTS Exam

A large percentage of overseas students aim to study at their dream institution or college. However, only a small percentage of them get accepted into the university or institution of their choice. There are a variety of reasons why students do not get an offer letter from their preferred institution or university. The major issue is that IELTS exam band scores are low. Every institution and college in a foreign nation welcomes students who pass a standardized English language assessment exam with the appropriate amount of points. If you’re studying for the IELTS exam, be aware of some of the variables discussed in this article, since they might be a stumbling block.

Every non-native English language speaker strives to get the IELTS target band score. Students may view their preparation as a burden and face several challenges as a result. Some of them become panicked and make blunders, while others lose their heads and begin to fail. All of these factors contribute to their inability to get suitable band scores on the IELTS exam. As a result, you must be cautious in your preparation and eliminate such circumstances in order to shorten your preparation time. You may seek an institute that offers the finest IELTS online coaching if you want to acquire excellent training from pros to boost your preparation.

Poor vocabulary 

Candidates with non-English backgrounds are not used to conversing in English on a regular basis. That is why they have such a limited vocabulary. Let us inform you that if you want to do well on the IELTS exam, you must improve your vocabulary. You are clearly a learner, and your vocabulary is far smaller than that of a native English speaker. You must memorise as many words as possible before the IELTS exam to bridge this gap and achieve that level. Make it a habit to read books, articles, periodicals, and blogs on a regular basis and to use a dictionary and the internet to learn at least 10 new terms. Before utilising them in a conversation or on the IELTS exam, be sure you understand their meanings. It will offer you a better understanding and eliminate the possibility of errors.

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Pronunciation issues 

When candidates are studying for the IELTS exam, they frequently mispronounce new and hard words. It’s important to remember that making a mistake in front of the examiner will have a significant influence on your IELTS speaking score. Because you are not a natural English speaker, you are likely to suffer with pronunciation. However, you must address it within your preparation phase so that it does not become a hindrance later. By practising more, you can enhance your pronunciation. Learn a new word and how to pronounce it correctly, then use it appropriately in everyday conversation. It is preferable to engage with someone who is fluent in English since he or she will be able to assist you in correctly pronouncing a certain term.

Lack of concentration 

We all have varied attention spans, without a question. Some people can concentrate for up to two hours at a time, while others find it difficult to focus after only 30 minutes. It happens frequently when you’re listening to or reading anything. Candidates have been found to become lost in their thoughts, lowering their attention capacity and, as a result, their band score. So, if you want to get close to your goal, you must overcome your emotions. Here are some smoke tips to help you improve your concentration power so you can stay focused on the task at hand:

  • Watch news channels and inspiring talks while listening to podcasts and English tunes.
  • Make notes while listening to the tape. It will not only assist you in being concentrated, but it will also assist you in jotting down some key information.
  • On a regular basis, meditate and conduct some breathing exercises.

Poor time management 

A large number of applicants spend a significant amount of time attempting to find out the solution to a certain question. They may not always be able to locate the correct solution and thus waste time on a single question, leaving them with limited time to tackle subsequent problems. They won’t be able to find time to solve problems that they already know the answers to. As a result, it is critical that you manage your time effectively. As a result, make an effort to improve your time management abilities. It may be accomplished by establishing a method that allows you to split your time evenly in order to answer each question in a specified amount of time. Furthermore, practising every day can enhance your performance and provide extra benefits.

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Lack of ideas 

Students frequently complain about how difficult it is for them to think of ideas on the fly in IELTS writing and speaking. Candidates believe the examiner is evaluating their talents based on their knowledge and ingenuity. No, that is not correct! Your grades are determined by your ability to talk and write. So, regardless of what you’re writing or speaking about, be confident and eloquent. There’s no need to come up with original thoughts; all you have to do is utilise proper syntax, a diverse vocabulary, proper sentence structure, and appropriate pronunciation and spelling. So, before you start presenting your answer, make sure you fully comprehend the question, because straying off-topic can reduce your grade, even if you utilise proper syntax and a diverse vocabulary in your sentences.

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Summing up: 

To summarise, whether you identify only one or all of the aforementioned issues, Just make sure to eliminate any factors that are impeding your success. This is how you may cut down on your preparation time and get faster results.

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