Tips to Prepare Well for the Listening and Speaking Modules of the IELTS Exam

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You must be aware that clearing the IELTS exam is mandatory for every person who desires to migrate abroad for a better future. Because it helps the organizations/universities verify that you are well acquainted with the English language. But do you know an excellent score can help you get settled abroad easily? Well yes, besides giving more weightage to your PR request, an excellent score will also ease the documentation process of your visa approval. Moreover, an excellent score also helps you get a stable job in your own country as well. 

We have written this article for the students who are looking for interesting tips to perform well in the listening and speaking modules of the IELTS exam. Note that the study material is also responsible for the level of interest you are having in learning the language. So it is essential to refer to the study material that elaborates on the concepts in an interesting manner. Furthermore, you have to revise the study material before the IELTS date to understand the right application of grammar rules.  

Here, we have mentioned some tips and tools that can help you prepare for the listening and speaking modules well.  

Tips to prepare for the listening section

Well, many students in India can understand written English well but they often find it arduous to understand spoken English. Do you know why it is so? Because we are not well accustomed to understanding spoken English. Additionally, the nervousness that happens while listening to English often impacts the understanding ability of the listener. Naturally,  if you get accustomed to listening to English then this can improve your listening ability substantially. So what can make you get accustomed to listening to English? Well, the answer is listening to audiobooks. But note that you have to listen to audiobooks that are very popular or recognized.  Because this will inspire you to interpret the actual meaning of the climax and conversations. The internet is filled with so many popular and well-recognized audiobooks that you can listen to for free. Additionally, you can listen to news podcasts, English songs, etc. to learn English. 

Tips to prepare for the speaking section

The speaking section of the  IELTS exam will check the ability of a person to speak fluent English with confidence. But note that the correctness of English is very essential to achieve an excellent score. So it is not wise to compromise with correctness while speaking fluent English. Furthermore, note that only reading English can’t help you speak English. But making it a part of your daily conversation can help you speak English. For this, you are advised to speak short phrases in the starting. After this, you can practice forming shorter or more complex sentences. Additionally,  you can play your favorite English character from your favorite movie with your friend. Definitely, this will inspire you to speak English

English vocabulary 

We are sure that you would be advised to learn at least three English words daily. Well, if you are following the advice then this is good. But let us inform you that the English words can have different meanings that can change the whole sense of the sentence if used inappropriately. So you have to understand the actual meaning of every word from the well-recognized dictionary. Moreover, learn every homonym, homophone, synonym, and antonym with patience. Definitely, this will not only help you perform well in listening and speaking modules but also help you in other modules as well. So, develop a habit to learn the actual meaning of at least three words daily for three months before enrolling yourself for the IELTS/PTE exam date. You can check the suitable dates for your exam from the official portal of the exam conducting body. 


The listening and speaking module of the IELTS exam checks if the person can deal with the natives easily in the English language. So it is smart to perform well in both sections.  But don’t neglect the other modules of the  IELTS exam. You have to practice hard to perform well in the other modules too. Otherwise, a bad score in the writing and reading module can affect the overall score. It is advisable to give appropriate attention to every section of the IELTS exam. 

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