Best Nail Salon Marketing Ideas

Decorating the nails has been the trend for quite some time. People are not only interested in nail art but want to create a fashion statement with it alone! The longer the nails are, the better canvas it becomes to experiment. 

However – as a business – you have to keep up with the changing times and offer services on par with the competitors. There are instances where it takes forever for the company to take off despite rendering the best efforts. Here is where you get answers for all such roadblocks.

In this article, you will learn the best tricks to improve your Nail Salon business,

One in a million

We see many nail art videos online where one expert after another showcases their exceptional talent. The audience is attracted to such talent because of their passion and precision. Nobody wants to have hideous looking nails. 

To become such an expert, ensure you keep updating and training your employees with the latest trends and tools. Another factor to consider is the price. Check what the peers around the neighbourhood charge and decide your price range. If you charge higher, ensure you give enough for the price you ask for. 

Connect in person

Each client is crucial for business because word of mouth is more efficient than any marketing technique. Treat every client appropriately and invest in customer service. When the customer is satisfied with your work, they will refer more friends and family.

Another way to maintain a cordial relationship with the clients is by sending them email newsletters. Create a list of new and old clients, then curate interesting emails for them to read. Include tips and discounts in the emails to send them at regular intervals. 

Protip: Use, an email lookup tool and gather the email address of your potential clients. Its Chrome extension to LinkedIn and Gmail helps you find your contacts efficiently and answers your question about how to find an email address for free!

Go digital

All of the famous nail salons you see around are doing good business because they have a page on Instagram or an account on Pinterest. As you adapt to social media, you get enough attention that can later translate to successful client conversions.

Create social media accounts and follow all SEO rules to stay on top of the game. It takes quite some time to build an audience organically, but you will find a stronger one! Meanwhile, help the clients book appointments digitally. This flexibility lets you gain brownie points from the customers.

Smart usages

Determining the actual cost per service is very critical in a service-based industry. It is quite common for us to see the clients applying nail polishes on their nails to finalize a nail colour. Use swatches instead and save the nail polishes by a ton (not quite literally)! 

Using a smaller palette to place the product helps you save from waste. Another way to keep the customers flowing is by offering complimentary add-ons. These little things make the client feel valued and cherished. Adding holiday discounts and limited-time offers also boosts your sales!

Final thoughts

Creating a trend is easy, but the task arises when you have to keep up with the pace. Maximizing your benefits only starts with smart marketing ideas. In this industry, a smart-work is more crucial than hard work. Rethink and redefine your ideas of marketing for better reach and profits!

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