Wish to visit Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries? Add that Spirited Punch with a Personalised Bus Tour!

If you are traveling to Kentucky with a group of spirit enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs, booking a bus tour to cover the local bourbon distilleries of Louisville is an absolute must.  Public tours however are a bad idea because of overcrowding and lack of personal touch. A private tour with one of the chosen service providers for bus tours in Kentucky can make all the difference. A well-planned tour itinerary will include visits to 2 or 3 distilleries with adequate durations for stoppages. Special care will also be taken to personalize the trip as per your tastes. We look at some of the salient features of a well-planned tour that can act as prototypical references. 


A typical itinerary for a bourbon distilleries tour in Louisville KY will include about 3 stoppages. The first one could be at the Stitzel Weller Distillery on Fitzgerald Road. You can indulge in a “behind the scenes” experience with a specialized tour, . The second stop should be at the Kentucky Artisan Distillery on the Old Lagrange Road for Jefferson’s Reserve Experience. The third stop should be at the Three Boys Farm Distillery on Crab Orchard Road. You can enjoy barrel tasting, accompanied by the distiller himself! Each of these stops should be for an hour and a half, at least, so that you can enjoy every moment of this rich and innovative experience. 

The Common Inclusions 

No two tours are created equal. However, when you are assessing options for “bus trips near me” for visiting distilleries in Kentucky, there are some common inclusions on offer.  Firstly, you should be given a private vehicle entirely allotted to your group. No outsiders should have access to the vehicle apart from the driver and the tour guide if you have chosen to engage one.  You will be provided bottled water for drinking. Some tours also attempt to delight their customers with additional beverage options like soda/pop and so on. The cost of the tour should include all taxes and fees including the entry fees to all of the three destinations. Remember, a bourbon distillery tour is only meant for adult members of the group because the legal drinking age in the USA is 18+. You need to keep this in mind before selecting your party for this tour. 


Any purchases you make will naturally not be included in the tour fee. Some tour operators may not include meals. You will need to check on the same. There are some who ask for advance payments for meals. Others choose to pay upfront during lunch hours. Some do not pay at all. Get clarity beforehand. 

Covid Protocols

Every trip planned in the post Covid Era will involve Covid protocols. Your vehicle should be Ozone sanitized before and after each trip. You should be offered regular temperature checks, high traffic areas should be well sanitized and sanitizers should be provided for periodic hand hygiene. 

Ease of pickup and drop is another important factor to consider. If you are booking Pikeville, KY bus tours, for instance, make sure you have a pickup from Pikeville itself and are not required to travel to another city for vehicle access.

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