Types of Vacation Packages

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While booking a vacation, you must consider the various packages available to you. Here are some of the most common types: cruises, group tours, Overnight packages, and All-inclusive resorts. Which one is right for you? Could you find out more in our article? Also, consider the benefits of each type before booking. If you are unsure which package to choose, check out our comprehensive guide to vacation packages.

All-inclusive resorts

The best way to avoid all the stress of planning a vacation is to book an all-inclusive package using Priceline coupons. The best all-inclusive vacations include non-motorized water sports to poolside activities, including a kids’ club. In addition, many of the top-notch restaurants offer all inclusive meals and drinks. You can even choose to dine at a fine restaurant each night or enjoy unlimited drinks while watching a live show. And while you’re at it, there’s nothing better than lying by the ocean and enjoying the scenery.

Most all-inclusive packages include meals, drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Some hotels even allow you to bring an alcoholic beverage or two. Check the policies of the hotel or resort before booking, as most will allow you to cancel your booking free of charge. You should also check if COVID-19 travel restrictions apply to your destination.


Vacation packages with cruises include airfare, accommodations, shore excursions, and more. You can choose any length of cruise, from one to two days to several weeks. While most cabins are designed for two people, you can book single occupancy. Children 12 and under get a discounted rate. You can also combine a cruise with land excursions, including overnight stays in several cities. Typically, cruises are part of vacation packages with other land experiences.

One of the main benefits of a cruise is that you can visit multiple destinations quickly. There are many activities on a cruise, and you can get to know the local culture on board. If you’d rather stay at one place for the duration of your vacation, however, an all-inclusive resort is more practical. Instead of rushing to the next destination during peak hours, you’ll be able to spend quality time in your suite, relaxing in your suite, or discovering the area.

Group tours

Group tours are often more expensive than traveling on your own. In addition, these tours may consist of a wide variety of people of different ages and backgrounds. While this diversity can make for an exciting group, it is also a good reminder of your obligations as a group member. While group solidarity can be rewarding, you cannot do whatever you want without being willing to make compromises and share the costs. When choosing a group tour, consider the time constraints that will affect the itinerary. Some people prefer to be with the group for the entire day, while others will enjoy a little free time to do their own thing. If time constraints are an issue, consider booking a private tour. The benefits of private tours are well worth the additional expense. These tours are also more flexible when it comes to travel plans, which can include both short trips and more extended vacations.

Exotic retreats

Suppose you want to go off the beaten path and experience a life unlike any other. In that case, you’ll want to book one of the many exotic retreat vacation packages that Liberty Travel offers. These packages can take you to ancient civilizations, catacombs in Europe, and hidden islands in Greece. You can also enjoy a safari through Africa or experience the Amazon in South America.

Volunteer vacations

Several types of volunteer vacation packages are available for individuals, groups, and organizations. Volunteer vacations often embed travelers into the local community, allowing them to explore the country as an insider. Some of the volunteer vacation packages require volunteer travel insurance. This is especially important if you are traveling overseas. Most volunteer travel insurance policies require volunteer health coverage. You should always check with the volunteer organization you are traveling with to see whether they need it and if they provide it. If you plan to volunteer overseas, you should always purchase travel insurance. It will keep your travel budget intact and ensure you get the necessary coverage.

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