Why You Should Get Koi as a Pet?

If you have ever walked into a yard with a Koi pond, you may have been enamored with the sight. After a minute or two, you may have even wondered about getting the same for yourself. Fortunately, you can keep Koi fish as pets. Koi fish are easy to take care of, and no matter how skeptical you are and think there is more to the setup than meets the eye, managing Koi is not rocket science. This blog will tell you what you need to know about keeping Koi fish. So let’s dig in.

Koi as a Pet – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Firstly, keeping Koi fish is a great way to find peace and quiet in your bustling life. You cannot deny that beautiful fish and water are a sight to behold, almost therapeutic even. After a tiring day, you can always relax beside your Koi pond. After all, who does not like the sight of colorful fish drawing patterns through the water as they move around?

While freshwater Koi fish are excellent pets, they require a lot of attention. You will need to check your Koi pond regularly. You will need to set time aside to check on your fish daily to make sure they are doing alright. Additionally, like fish tanks, you will need to test the water quality of your pond periodically. If you want your Koi fish to be healthy, you must ensure the water quality is top-notch and maintained. Investing in a testing kit to keep track of changes in the pond will be ideal, specially as the seasons changes.

It is worth noting that Koi fish are prone to diseases, so be careful when introducing new fish to your pond. Quarantine your new fish before setting them free in an existing pond. Your vendor/dealer will not take care of this for you, so you are on your own. Koi catch on to diseases very quickly, and most of these diseases are naturally waterborne. While there is a cure for most organisms, Koi can quickly suffocate and die due to neglect. Remember, most parasite outbreaks occur because new fish are added to a pond without quarantining.

Reasons Why Koi Make Excellent Pets

Koi is a beautiful fish and lives harmoniously with other pond and aquarium fishes. Let’s look at why Koi is a better pet than others.

  1. Gazing at your Koi fish may be something you will develop a habit of doing in solitude, but this fantastic pet has a unique social aspect. People who adore its company will find keeping Koi quite fruitful. Such people usually find others who share their interests. It could be their next-door neighbor or someone at a local club, especially if they also keep fish in their garden. Keeping Koi fish can be both a private and a social endeavor.
  2. Koi can’t just float about in a bowl on the coffee table; they aren’t small fish. They need a large outdoor pond with appropriate equipment and high-quality feed. There is a learning curve to maintain these fish effectively, which can be challenging for beginners. On the other hand, the fundamentals are not insurmountable, and a committed individual can quickly overcome these challenges. It goes without saying that the first few weeks or months of a new activity are enriching.

There’s a risk you’ll find this activity isn’t for you, but if it keeps you cognitively active, you’ll be hooked for life. The great part about maintaining Koi is that there’s always something new to learn: pond designs, safe transportation, improved feeding, equipment, breeding, illnesses, etc. Any activity should aim to excite the intellect and teach new abilities. This is something that Koi excels at. As you grow and master each aspect, you will feel accomplished and take great pride in being able to overcome a challenge like no other.

  • Koi fish may become quite docile. They eventually recognize humans as beings that bring them food. You’ll soon be followed by a shoal of Koi begging and competing for goodies at the pond’s edge once your Koi population realizes this delicious truth. Petting and belly stroking is permitted, as is swimming into one’s extended hand. This reaction provides for a satisfying relationship.

The Koi’s ability to be subdued is impressive. Stress kills fish quicker than anything else. Stress can be disastrous for any fish, but a trusting Koi encourages physical handling to overcome this stress.

  • Raising Koi is a rewarding experience, but you’ll ultimately have too many. Koi are prolific breeders, laying thousands of eggs in a single pairing. A plentiful supply of attractive and healthy fish is lucrative. It’s only apparent to sell them and have the option to trade them. Members of Koi clubs often swap fish for equipment or other items that they would otherwise have to purchase at a high cost. In all honesty, selling Koi won’t make you wealthy, but the occasional sale or exchange may help you fund your passion.
  • There’s nothing more appealing than a pond full of vibrantly colored Koi. They may get ill or outgrow their pond, but most unfavorable situations can be avoided with planning. Koi is the whole package for folks who want beautiful aquatic pets, love to feed pets from their hands, and get guests’ admiration.

Tips to Keep your Koi Happy

To keep you Koi healthy and happy, there are a couple of tips worth considering:

  • A vast pond is necessary to keep your Koi in harmony.
  • The pond size for your Koi should be large enough for the Koi to play around with each other. Koi become aggressive in overcrowded spaces, so you will need to do your homework regarding the depth and area of the pond for your Koi.
  • To protect your Koi fish from predators, you need to make sure the pond is at least three to four feet in depth. Also, install netting over the pond to keep scavengers and predators at bay.
  • Keep the habitat warm.
  • Koi can quickly get diseases like Ich, which causes white spots. Keep your Koi pond well maintained by installing water filters to keep viruses and bacteria away from your precious pets.

The information provided in this article will surely answer all your questions about koi fish as pets. If you were unsure before, you could now consider Koi as pets. No matter what you eventually decide, keeping Koi as a pet is possibly the best decision for individuals who love their peace and quiet, but it can be just as fruitful for those who want to share their passion with others. Either way, it is a win-win situation, and one thing remains constant: Koi fish are one-of-a-kind pets that have something to offer to everyone.


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