Why Tanzania is a Travel Wanderlust Destination

Amazing African destinations are available for tourists with an open mind. Africa is the birthplace of mankind, and each part oozes history, mysticism and excitement. Tanzania lies on its west shores, overlooking Madagascar from Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. While anyone’s first impression of Africa may be deserts, sand and harsh environment, Tanzania breaks the mould! The country hosts diverse wildlife, lush forests, and incredible mountains, and you even have the tropical islands of Zanzibar. These are all great ingredients for an unforgettable experience!

1. Frolic in Zanzibar

Basking on the white sand beaches, under a palm tree, while the ocean breeze refreshes you is possible in Zanzibar. A tropical paradise like no other, Zanzibar’s archipelago lies just shy of Tanzania’s coast, and inside you’ll find plenty to do on your vacation. Relaxing on the beach, exploring the islands, island hopping with a jet ski, anything you can imagine from an island vacation, Zanzibar has it.

If you wish to experience the other side of Africa, the one that’s not frequently talked about, then visiting Zanzibar is your best choice. Its low-profile tourist destination will make it ideal for those who wish to enjoy peace while basking in the warm archipelago.

2. Scale a volcano!

If you wish for excitement on your vacation, then a dormant volcano is the perfect choice. Mt Kilimanjaro is the largest mountain in Africa, around 5800 meters tall, and it was once an active volcano. Don’t worry because today, it’s a national park and an exciting expedition opportunity. The view alone, where the tallest mountain in Africa rules over the flat landscape, will get your heart racing.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is possible, but it’s not something you can do in a day. With a guided tour, you’ll attend for a while and then make camp, so your body can adapt to the altitude difference. If scaling a mountain is not your cup of tea, Mt Kilimanjaro lets you see diverse wildlife and forests at its base. A trip around the mountain can be equally exciting as the one towards the top!

3. A safari in Tanzania

Visiting any African country is impossible to finish without one safari, at the bare minimum. Besides getting a chance to see the big five game animals of Africa: the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo, you’ll see the beauty of numerous national parks. Sustainable and long-term tourism starts with appreciating the beauty of Nature around you. The next step is involving yourself in helping preserve the natural wonders you’ve saw.

Tanzania is beautiful, but it needs help to stay that way, for future generations to see and appreciate it. Environmental conservation can always use more help from a good and generous volunteer overseas, willing to make a positive difference in the world. Tanzania has 22 national parks, meaning you have ample places to visit and enjoy. Helping any on the list will make your stay an impactful one!

4. Natives and National parks

Tanzania is home to 22 national parks, covering most of its territory. When you first set foot inside Tanzania, you’ll feel the wild energies, rich history and the call of the untamed wilds! Exploring one or two national parks can last you an entire vacation, so Tanzania guarantees multiple visits. For your first visit, we recommend going with the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater, as you have to start from somewhere. The Serengeti national park will let you fully experience the wild, animalistic side of Africa and Tanzania.

From the great migration to various animals who make their home here at any point of the year, Serengeti is filled with opportunities to see iconic African animals in their natural habitat. The Ngorongoro crater is more of a vista sightseeing opportunity. Just as Kilimanjaro is hard to describe, but a must-see destination, so is the crater which forms the Ngorongoro national park. Once you fly over it or are standing at its base, you’ll appreciate the might and splendour of Mother Nature.

5. Experience the culture of Tanzania

Tribes of Africa are too numerous to list. Each tribe is unique in its clothes, history, songs and culture, making Africa the melting pot of influences. Tanzania is not different, and today many of its tribes live in or around national parks, protected by the government which wishes to preserve their way of life. You can experience the unique style and culture of each tribe with guided tours and volunteer work.

Sharing a meal, walking around their villages, and hearing folk tales around a fire will make for a memorable time. If you wish to enjoy Africa’s and Tanzania’s culture in a modern manner, then you should stop by Arusha cultural centre. Tanzania has over one hundred tribes, and if you wish to see them congregated in one spot, then spending a day at a cultural centre is a perfect idea.

Africa as a whole can serve as a lifetime tourist destination. Each country has immeasurable wildlife, nature and culture, waiting for you to experience. And Tanzania should be high on your list, for its perfect mix of wild and tame, exotic and familiar, and diverse landscapes. Scale a mountain, swim in an archipelago, do a safari, and eat with the locals. Whatever you do, we wish you a great time!

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