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What All Does Crime Scene Cleaning Entail?

After an investigation into a death or an accident, the property owners are often in charge of cleaning up. However, doing so can become problematic when the victim’s family members have to clean the scene. 

There are more than just emotional hazards at a crime scene, too. Crime scene cleanup is a vital service that is available for victims and family members in the wake of a violent crime.

What is crime scene cleaning?

Crime scene cleaning is the name given to the job of cleaning up a scene after a police investigation. Once the police finish investigating, what is left on the scene can be a hazard that family members are not prepared to clean. Anything from blood to dangerous chemicals could be left behind.

Doing this involves determining what needs to be cleaned, then cleaning the scene until there is no sign of the crime remaining. The cleaners will clean up blood and may remove things that are stained irreparably.

Who cleans crime scenes?

Typically, the family is tasked with cleaning the scene after a violent crime has occured. However, they may be underprepared both emotionally and to do the cleaning. However, due to the emotional toll of cleaning up after a violent crime against a loved one, you can hire a cleaning service to help.

You may be able to get away with hiring a regular cleaning service. Still, hiring an expert is recommended for crime scene cleaning. Regular cleaners may reject you due to crime scenes not being their specialty, which is why crime scene cleaners are available for cleanup after the police investigation finishes.

How do professionals clean up crime scenes?

Professional cleaners use a process to clean as efficiently and thoroughly as possible, just like everyone else. They use safety gear to protect themselves from biohazards as they clean.

This gear includes hazmat suits and other PPE like respirator masks and protective eyewear that could be difficult for non-professionals to obtain.

Once ready to clean the scene safely, they assess it, allowing the cleaners to determine the best way to clean and section off areas. Next, they do the bulk of the cleaning. During this step, cleaners will clean the scene to remove biohazards like blood. 

This is when the cleaners remove anything that they can’t thoroughly clean to ensure everyone’s safety and that they don’t come into contact with dangerous bodily matter. 

Depending on the company, the cleaners may have their own specialized cleaning process with special chemicals that set them apart from other companies. Every company should ensure proper disinfection of the scene.

The bottom line

Crime scene cleaning is such a vital service for families who are going through a difficult time. Unfortunately, having to clean up after their loved one who was the victim of a violent crime can add another layer of trauma to what they have already experienced.

Crime scene cleaning services entail a clean home and other emotional burdens being taken off a mourning family.

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