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Monthly House Cleaning Checklist and Role of Cleaning Services

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Having a monthly cleaning checklist listing chores that are not possible to do regularly can be very beneficial for you. Usually, when you start deep cleaning your house, there may be so many things to do that you may forget some of them. A checklist reduces the chance of problems during a monthly cleanup and helps you maintain your house and appliances. When you follow a monthly cleaning checklist, you will always remember all the areas of your home that need deep cleaning. Below is a monthly cleaning checklist to help you deep clean your house efficiently and quickly. 

1- Gather your Cleaning Equipment 

Before you begin your monthly cleaning checklist, gather your cleaning equipment. You should prepare a few trollies depending on the area of ​​your house. Each trolley should contain all the supplies to get the job done right away. 

2- Divide your Tasks

If you are cleaning your entire house, it may be quicker for you if you divide the tasks. By having the right tools and following your checklist step by step, you can complete the cleaning in no time at all. Task dividing is more important if you are getting daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services.

3- Clean the Kitchen Walls

Wall spills in the kitchen resulting from cooking and washing dishes lead to grease build-up on the walls. It looks very messy and needs proper cleaning to avoid permanent staining on the walls. Prepare a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap to remove grease stains from walls.

4- Clean the Kitchen Hood

The method of degreasing the kitchen hood depends on the type of the hood. Make a solution of water and soap and apply it to the hood. After that, wipe it with a soft cloth. 

5- Maintain the Refrigerator

When you’re cleaning your fridge, take everything out first and throw anything that’s expired. Then, remove the shelves and clean the refrigerator from the inside. After cleaning it thoroughly, install the shelves and replace the expired items with new ones. 

6- Clean the Bathroom Floors

If you neglect to clean the bathroom for a while, the floor will get dirty. Particular care should be taken, especially on tiled floors, as dirt can get into the joints. Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and some dishwashing liquid to create the perfect cleaning solution. 

7- Wash the Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are often left unattended until they get very dirty. If you don’t clean them often, bacteria can build on them; therefore, they should be cleaned regularly. Make sure to remove the old curtains and replace them with new ones on a monthly basis. 

8- Maintain the Beds

Although bed sheets should be changed more often, you should make sure to do it at least once a month if you don’t have time. Remove the old bed sheet, take it to the laundry, and replace it with a new one. Refresh your mattress also by sprinkling baking soda on it and vacuuming afterward. 

9- Clean the Light Fixtures

Very few people know that bulb and its covering gather most of the dirt. However, monthly cleanup of light fixtures will make the room brighter. It is recommended to use a soft duster to bring the glow back.  

10- Clean the Door Frames 

We walk through the doors all the time but don’t pay attention to the dust piling up on the frames. Wipe the frame and moldings of the door with a wet cloth and a soap solution.

11- Clean the Closets

Apart from changing and hanging clothes, the closet is rarely cleaned. However, it is important to wipe the shelves and hanger rails to clean the dust that accumulates there daily. 

12- Dust the Ceiling Fans

A duster may be required to remove dirt and dust from the ceiling fans. Turn off the fan and remove dust from the blades first. You can also use a wet cloth and make sure to cover the furniture to prevent it from getting dirty.  

13- Clean the Windows

To clean windows, you will need a spray bottle, a glass cleaner, and a bundle of newspapers. Spray the cleaner on the window glass and then wipe it properly with the newspaper. Alternatively, use telescopic slides in hard-to-reach areas. Finally, clean the window rails with a grout brush.

14- Clean the Vents 

Frequently cleaning the dryer vents can prevent the accumulation of dirt specially in commercial cleaning. It is better to spend a little time cleaning the vents monthly than to clean a large amount after a few months. 

15- Clean Hard to Reach Areas

Very little attention is paid to the areas that are covered behind the furniture. Once you move the furniture, you will see a lot of dirt there, so vacuum and thoroughly clean these areas monthly. 


Although a daily or a weekly cleanup keeps the house clean, some areas are still missed that have to be cleaned monthly. Such areas require extra cleaning as they accumulate a large amount of dirt with time. Therefore, it’s important to do a monthly cleaning of your house to keep it clean and free from germs. When you follow a checklist for monthly house cleanup, it will allow you to focus on every area without leaving anything unclean behind. 

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