Custom Boxes at Wholesale Prices Are a Great Way to Attract New Customers

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Gifts are generally given on holidays, birthdays, marriages, and graduations. Custom boxes distribute at specified times and simulate the anticipation and excitement of getting a present on a certain day.

Custom boxes wholesale help customize items based on customer interests, fostering a favorable retailer-customer connection. There are custom packages for clothing, plants, men, women, and pets.

Before making a custom box, you should know what your business stands for and what you will put in it. Customers should learn something from your brand’s message, and customers can place orders due to your high box standards. Find out how your competitors market their products and try to do it better for your product.

Follow These Six Basics to Succeed In Your Custom Box Packaging Company or Better Understand It


Durable mailer boxes are excellent for custom boxes, and corrugated cardboard makes them ideal for storing and delivering things. Mailer boxes can be custom-printed and available in any size.

Boxes Folders

Folding boxes are great for storing lightweight products because of their tuck flaps. These boxes are great for beauty equipment, food, and candles, and folding boxes are perfect for delivering single products.

Rigid Boxes

Choose rigid boxes for premium, delicate, or heavy products. These high-end boxes are perfect for packaging electronics in a 2-piece lid, rigid base box, or jewelry in a magnetic closure box. Shipping rigid boxes require an exterior box.

Enhancements to Packaging

As important as box packaging and product positioning. Your product’s packaging should be appealing but not overcrowded with info and irrelevant designs. Here are several package innovations that help unpack the experience.

Box Inserts

Custom box inserts are used to secure products during delivery. Inserts keep items in place and look wonderful when customers open a custom box. Custom box inserts fit your items and prevent your item from damaging. Gift sets, candles, bottles, beauty equipment, and heavier items can fit.

Box Partitions

Box dividers segregate items. Each compartment can be changed based on how many things you put inside. Box dividers can arrange clothing, stationery, and other items. Suppose you’re offering a custom box with different handpicked products.

In that case, we recommend custom box dividers instead of custom box inserts, so you don’t need to design freshly molded inserts every month, but you can easily choose the ready-made box dividers.


Custom stickers beautify your package. They can be used to seal custom boxes wholesale, product tissue paper, or as customer freebies.


Packaging sleeves can be wrapped around printed or unprinted boxes or single Custom Boxes for products to approach professional touch.

If you have seasonal custom boxes, you can acquire many basic printed boxes and packaging sleeves from any best packaging company, and you can also get a promotional discount on that.

First Impressions and Aesthetics Are Key in Ecommerce Today

Your customer’s response determines whether your items and packaging are worthy or not. Your product will be chosen by the public or not. Packaging can act like a salesperson, and the box type can transmit significant signals to customers to buy your product.

Some claim that custom boxes wholesale design should be enjoyable. So many companies are making a design for any type of packaging.

When Designing a Custom Box, Consider These Design Concepts


Typography conveys brand values. Each typeface has significance. Bold typefaces and serifs are clean and straightforward, whereas comic sans is easy-going. Follow brand standards. Here are 3 packaging font tips.


Colors provide ideas and create emotions. Therefore they’re psychologically beneficial. Warm colors convey energy, optimism, and simplicity. These are pastels or softer colors; a green, blue, and purple palette can be soberer. Designers use disruptive packaging to stand out. If you have brand rules, follow them similarly to typography.


Patterns can offer your brand dimension. Funky or basic designs can distinguish your package. Kitschy forms like flowers or hearts are feminine. Popular designs include curves.


Visuals can assist buyers in grasping what’s inside your package, particularly if you have several models and colors. Including a picture of your product on the packaging can add a five-star rating to other packaging products.

Think “outside the box.” A design of your package for the ideal unpack aging experience is the only thing. For mailer boxes, welcome customers with a fascinating statement on the inner lid or contain hidden jewels.

Packaging Template

All artwork and designs must be put on a 2D packaging dye line. We’ll offer this template after your purchase is validated. Design dye lines using these suggestions.

Optimal Packaging Size

Always leave some space between your products and the outside box. Otherwise, you risk obtaining boxes that don’t fit after measuring your products, like length, breadth, and height. Always choose a little larger box since holes can be filled with empty fillers.

When sending the box, dimensions to your packaging should be provided to the supplier, indicating which side is length, width, and height. Our structural design service can establish the best package size for personalized box interiors and outer boxes.


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