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There is no official release date for Season 2 of Vinland Saga manga chapter 50. However, some hints suggest when it will come out.

First hint

The first hint is the fact that chapter 50 was released on March 3rd, 2017. That’s why many people believe that Chapter 51 may be coming soon since Japanese manga magazines usually have to publish two chapters every month.

If this speculation proves accurate, then the Vinland saga season 2 release date will probably happen in May or June 2022. This assumption takes author Makoto Yukimura about 5-6 months to produce one chapter of this Manga.

Second hint

The second hint is the fact that Makoto Yukimura is currently working on his next major long-running series called Eden’s Zero, which is also published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, so it may be possible that by the time he finishes with this new project, the author will already have enough materials to produce at least five chapters of Vinland saga season 2.

It may sound unbelievable, but some famous manga authors can makeover seven chapters per month due to their sheer talent and extensive past work experience. This will put Vinland saga season 2 release date somewhere mid-2019 or even 2020 if we’re pessimistic.

Third and last hint

Last but not least is the announcement made during the Manga Central 2018 Convention, where Yen Press representatives revealed that the Vinland saga season 2 release date is planned to be at the end of 2018 or early 2019.

Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that this date will hold since Manga Central 2018 Convention took place on May 26th, and author Makoto Yukimura had already finished writing chapter 51 by then, which means there were no materials for him to work on preparation for Chapter 52.

None of these three hints are absolute proof about Vinland saga season 2 release date but combined, and they make a strong case for late May/early June 2019 when manga fans could expect the next installment of Vinland Saga Season 2.

Publisher Kodansha has never stated about vinland saga season 2:

On the other hand, publisher Kodansha has never stated anything regarding plans for this franchise. However, considering how popular it is, chances are they will continue to support this series for as long as possible.

Plot of vinland saga season 2:

It takes place in the Saga Period during AD 1000s-the the 1070s. Thorfinn’s main protagonist is an exiled son of the Jomsvikings commander who seeks vengeance against Askeladd, who murdered his father and conquered his homeland. To achieve his goal, Thorfinn joins Askeladd’s mercenary band, which travels through Europe and gets involved in various military conflicts like the Northern Crusades and other skirmishes following the death of legendary king Harald Fairhair.

It had received critical acclaim for its in-depth portrayal of Viking society and realistic depiction of medieval combat (including historically accurate bloom when swords clashed). Vinland Saga Season 2 release date may come in late 2019 or 2020 because Makoto Yukimura is currently working on his next manga project called Eden’s Zero. It will be published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine starting this July 2018 since the author decided to end it after nine years. Since both Vinland Saga seasons 1 and 2 were published in the same magazine, it’s possible that we won’t see the next installment until Yukimura finished with his new series. Source: Manga Helpers

Vinland saga season 2Characters

· Hiroshi Kamiya as Thorfinn (age 10)

A boy from the Jomsvikings clan of warriors. He became a captive on Askeladd’s pirate ship when he was ten but escaped five years later. Now he seeks the “Thorn of Eden,” one-of-a-kind weapon owned by his father, Thors. His actual name is Karlsefni, a young man who went to Vinland searching for paradise with Leif Ericson 1000 years ago.

· Daisuke Ono as Erik/Askeladd (age 28 captain of the mercenary band, The Raven)

 He was known as the “Demon Lord of the Baltic Sea.” His body bears numerous scars from battles and shellfish poisoning. He is a master tactician, plotting for one goal: To rule over the entire world.

· Fuminori Komatsu as Bersi (age 57)

A tough older man who was once Thors’ close friend and rival. His right arm is equipped with an extreme prosthetic limb called “Thor’s Hammer,” which he uses as his weapon in battle. He carries a small Viking skull that he found on an expedition to Vinland during his younger days.

· Hiroshi Yanaka as Leif Ericson (age 25)

Now recognized as “The Red King” and the young chief of a great army, he was once a general of the Byzantine Empire and fought to expand its territory. He was known as “Leif the Lucky,” His weapon is a sword which he always carries around with him when going into battle. Although not explicitly stated in history, it is believed that when Leif Ericson went searching for Vinland after discovering the new world, the crew members who came back alive were hanged by King Olaf Tryggvason.

· Hiroyuki Yoshino as Thorfinn’s father Thors (age 40)

A former Jomsviking warrior. Nicknamed “The Great Thors,” he too searches for “the Thorn of Eden,” an invaluable treasure in his eyes. She has a sister named Olga, but her whereabouts are currently unknown.

· Toshiyuki Morikawa as Bersi’s son Arne (age 18)

He is an ambitious young man who has inherited his father’s fighting spirit and intelligence.

· Kikuko Inoue as Askeladd’s mother Snaelf (age 28)

Askeladd captured her during one of his raids on the Baltic Sea many years ago. She loves her son deeply, even though he is not of her flesh and blood. Despite being blind, she can sense things through vibrations in the ground. Her prosthetic arm allows her to move objects around with telekinesis or even crush human beings like grapes if she so wishes.

· Tomokazu Seki as Thorkell (age 30)

A tall and muscular man who is Askeladd’s, right-hand man. He was once a warrior during King Harald’s reign, but after being wrongfully accused of treason by his clan, he has lived as a pirate ever since. Proud to the point of arrogance, he loves fighting just as much as Askeladd does. His true face is that of a gentle giant who only seeks peace in the world.

· Mitsuo Iwata as Bersi’s second-in-command Hakkur (age 40)

An older man and close friend to Bersi with an air of mystery about him. His weapon is an enormous battleax that weighs around 100 lbs.

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Mitsuo Iwata as Bersi's second-in-command Hakkur (age 40)

Do people like Vinland Saga season 2?

‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 will be released on Netflix in 2023. People like this season a lot, and it got a good ranking. Fans are waiting for this season. The demand of the Vinland season is good.


Where to watch the Vinland saga online?

There are currently no legal options for watching Vinland saga season 2. If there were, I would be thrilled to share it with you guys. However, the only way to protect the Vinland saga legally is either waiting for the physical media release or getting a subscription with one of the streaming websites that have it, such as Netflix. But until then, you’ll have to rely on fansubs and online streams for now.

What is the Vinland saga?

Vinland Saga is a manga series by award-winning mangaka Yukimura. The story follows young Thorfinn thorfinnsson, a child of England  Vikings who seeks revenge on an earl who killed his father and exiled him from his homeland when he was still young.
The Vinland saga manga series has been serialized in Akita Shoten’s Alfred magazine since 2007 and has released 11 volumes so far. The Manga won the prestigious Shogakukan prize for best new mangaka in 2008, the 36th japan international comic contest.

When is vinland Saga Season 2 coming out?

A: Some people believe it will be in 2022 since the anime has been on a hiatus for one year, but it might not be confirmed. Vinland Saga got a lot of hype, so there’s a high chance for another season to come out – creator Makoto Yukimura thinks so.

Is Vinland Saga worth watching?

A: YES. If you like Berserk and other Manga like Claymore, Vagabond, and Attack on Titan, this will be a treat! Critics and the fanbase have highly praised Vinland Saga because of its excellent art style, story-telling, and action scenes. If you like the Edo Period, this is for you since Vinland Saga’s setting is based on the Viking Era in Scandinavia. It has accurate, realistic portrayals of ships and combat, an excellent educational show about pre-Edo period history.

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