7 Useful Minecraft Hacks for Players

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7 Useful Minecraft Hacks for Players

Minecraft tops the list of most selling games all over the world. It seems like a simple block game but has plenty of constraints that come along. These constraints can lie within your system or in the game itself.

For a consistent and smoother gaming experience, your graphic card must communicate well with your system through drivers else the Minecraft launcher won’t open or crash as soon as it runs. The driver software helps in communicating the devices with the system and provides the necessary commands.

Make sure you download and update your drivers from the official website of the graphic card manufacturer or automate this process by using the best free driver updater software to have an ultimate gaming experience.

In Minecraft, every player has to protect himself from monsters, keep a check on hunger, and build a base to store loot and items. Even after being existing for a decade, the features of Minecraft still remain a mystery for some users.

It began as a project with passion and has now become one of the leading game franchises. Its fans spend hours playing and decoding Minecraft Hacks available within the game and on the web. As the game has evolved over the years with every updated version these hacks are useful for both beginners and veteran players.

Since the expansion and evolution of Minecraft has occurred over the years, there are endless tricks that can be studied for a better gaming experience. There will be a large number of tricks that are yet to be discovered.  The article below provides the seven most useful Minecraft hacks for players.

1. Make Your Doors Zombie-Proof

As your house in the game is precious, it can be invaded by zombies by breaking the door. Here is what you can do to stop zombies from damaging your property and ruining your game:

This can be fixed by setting up your door one block higher. This will stop zombies from reaching there. Also, if not this you can use a fence in front of the gate. Zombies can’t break fences and these fences can also act as shields while you fight back.

2. Place torch on the crafting tables

Placing a torch on the table is more about the looks rather than being a reason or hack for something. It might not seem important to some, but the fact is you can place a torch on crafting tables or a furnace.

Now the question is How? You can simply place a “transparent block” behind the table. This block can be made of glass. You can try reaching the glass by putting the torch on it while facing the crafting table. You will have the torch on the top of your crafting table.

3. Wooden slabs are resistant to flame

Generally while playing Minecraft, we don’t have many wooden items near the house. Having these wooden items can cause a huge accident if your structures use fire. All your effort can go in vain and burn down to the ground.

This can be avoided by using flame-resistant slabs of wood. These slabs provide the safest way to add wood to your structures. They don’t burn and provide you the benefits of wooden texture with no risk of burning.

4. Best Diamond Level

Eleven is the best Y-coordinate for diamonds. To check your coordinate you can press F3. Y-coordinate in your location depicts how far down you have mined. There is a possibility of finding diamonds anywhere after Y-16.

You should avoid going much lower, as it increases the chances of getting into lava. It makes no sense to dig deep down to collect diamonds if you ultimately lose them all due to lava. The molten liquid of lava can be used but it can drown you down.

5. Pumpkin Head

As you decide to wear a pumpkin to improvise or change the way you look it can also be used to fight a powerful enemy. The Endermen don’t attack pumpkin heads, even if these heads attack them.

The pumpkin prevents you from making eye contact and these Endermens only attack the ones who make eye contact with them.

6. Gain some bodyguards

To protect your house it’s better to have help around. You can have these bodyguards in two ways. One is by having an Iron Golem that is powerful and durable for the purpose.

Another way can be having a Snow Golem by stacking snow blocks and using a pumpkin to summon it. This can only be used in the biome that can hold ice.

7. Take your torches under the water

As you go underwater, never forget to take along a bundle of torches. It helps the user to breathe for a longer time period.

As you place the torch on the block behind you, it creates a bubble of air. It ensures some extra breaths when in need.


Minecraft hacks can never be enough to conquer it all. As it provides so much that is yet to be explored and implemented. There are additional features added with every update that enhances its usability. Whereas the above-listed hacks can help you level up your game.

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