What Is Seagrass in Minecraft? And How to Get Seagrass in Minecraft? A Complete Guide Guide

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Seagrass in Minecraft

The seagrass is a block added in the underwater update, which meant adding new plants to Minecraft. Unfortunately, most players don’t seem to be aware of its existence. In this article, I will give you five ways on how to get seagrass in Minecraft!

I bet most of you don’t know that there are two different kinds of seagrass: saltwater and freshwater. If this is your first time looking into one, then let me tell you more about them. They look the same, but they’re different blocks – one spawns in saltwater, with it being dropped by dolphins – and has a different name as well as drops. The other variant can be found below roughly ten blocks of water, dropping it by the turtle egg.

How to find seagrass in Minecraft?

Saltwater Seagrass (found in Ocean biomes) Freshwater Seagrass (found anywhere with water that is ten blocks deep or less). As you might have noticed already, this article will focus on the saltwater variant, of course, since that’s what you should be looking for if you want to make an underwater base. Let’s get down to business!

  1. The first way to find seagrasses is by using another plant as a hint instead of sight – I’m talking about kelp, of course! As you can see in the picture, it grows on seagrass. If that wasn’t enough of a hint, then I don’t know what is!
  2. The second way to find seagrasses is by using dolphins as your ally! Go into an ocean bio-me and start looking around with the water bucket – you should spot some mobs pretty fast if there are three or more present since they commonly spawn (dolphins are surface mobs). Once you’ve generated dolphins, go underwater and keep them close (otherwise, they’ll disappear). Now follow them around for 20 minutes or so. As long as they haven’t drowned, they will eventually drop between 0-2 saltwater seagrass upon death. It’s also possible to find seagrass while riding a dolphin! Just hold shift, and you’ll get a sizable speed boost while also granting you the ability to breathe underwater.
  3. The third way is by using turtles as your allies instead of dolphins since they have a higher drop rate for saltwater seagrass. But alas, turtles only spawn in warm swamps, so it’s not really that useful, but I’ve included them into the list anyway since there are already two seagrass-related ways here.
  4. This fourth way requires a turtle egg because Atlanteans don’t spawn in the water (let alone generate at all). Find a turtle and let it do its thing – when the egg lands, use the fishing rod to grab it, and you’ve got an egg in your inventory. Now all you have to do is place the egg in any water, wait for it to hatch, and voilà! You’ll get one turtle AND one saltwater seagrass.
  5. The last way requires the same thing as the fourth way – a turtle egg! However, this time around, we’re going to take advantage of breeding mobs instead of just placing them out into the open for them to spawn there.

Saltwater seagrass 1 baby turtle a few blocks above sea level 1 empty bucket

Place the seagrass below the baby turtle to reach it using its movement speed (babies can’t swim). Once it’s close enough, the turtle will automatically pick up the seagrass and start following you. Get back to land and place a few blocks above sea level – if you don’t remember, that’s y:255 and h:63 in the debug screen (press F3)! If your water is tall enough, keep swimming upwards, but we’re going for land since we want to breed turtles! Once the baby turtle has found some ground, wait for about 20 minutes or so and voilà! You now have two fully grown turtles as well as one seagrass.

However, there might be a slight problem here. There seems to be an issue where sometimes the second turtle won’t spawn after waiting for 20 minutes. If that’s the case, you have to start over and try again until it works!

 How to get seagrass in Minecraft?

Seagrass cannot be directly obtained without mods, but some alternatives can be used.

  • Fill a cauldron with water and place it on top of a sugar cane block adjacent to the sea. The seawater will slowly turn into seagrass over time using this method, but if you’re looking for an immediate alternative, then try.
  • Place vines at the bottom of your cauldron so that they trail off into the sea and eat up all the water (this might take a while). You’ll eventually have seagrass by this method as well, but note it’ll also consume some of your cauldron’s durability.
  • If you’re looking to use seagrass for building purposes, find a coastline and mine out the bottom sand block underneath the seagrass (mobs will spawn here, so it’s not recommended doing this method in survival mode). This is probably the fastest way to get seagrass in vanilla Minecraft.

Uses of Seagrass in Minecraft     

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Using seagrass to craft arrows in Minecraft, seagrass is also used in various other items in the game. Examples include boats, decorations, and even enchanting books. There are four kinds of enchantments that can be put onto a book when using seagrass. These are durability, efficiency, silk touch, and fortune. When ore or blocks that come with the silk touch enchantment is mined, they will drop themselves instead of what they usually do. Any item enchanted with fortune has a higher chance of getting better loot, like potions or enchanted ores. 


Bone meal can be used on the floor of a body of water or in the ocean to generate seagrass. Shears need to be used to harvest this block; mining without shears will result in nothing and will be dropped. In addition to dropping sea grass, turtles can also drop 0-1 grain of sand.


In Minecraft, where can you find seagrass?

Through natural growth. Seagrass occurs in tall and small forms near kelp in ocean biomes and also appears on its own in rivers, underwater caves, and swamps, replacing ice and planks.

Which Minecraft creatures eat seagrass?

A player can breed turtles by feeding them seagrass, which causes their health to increase, resulting in spawning. All animals on Minecraft can be reproduced in the same way. In addition to feeding baby turtles seagrass, seagrass can also be used to increase their growth.

What can you do with seagrass?

Over 10,000 years ago, humans used seagrass to feed their livestock. Their use has spanned fertilizing fields, providing insulation for homes, weaving furniture, thatching roofs, making bandages, and even filling mattresses and car seats.

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