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Dealing with the Increased Gum Disease Risk From Braces

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by ayan zaheer

It’s common nowadays to see some of us wearing braces. They are an effective way to help with our misaligned teeth. However people in the past weren’t so used to the braces since they are made of heavy metals and are quite noticeable which wasn’t a very pleasing sight to the person needing Orthodontic Treatment . Things changed with the time and now people from all age groups are attracted towards the use of braces specially with the oncoming of Invisible braces. Invisalign or invisible braces are less noticeable and require less dental appointments than the traditional ones. Also they are easy on our teeth and they can be maintained with the help of following simple cleaning steps at home. One of the orthodontists near me helped in getting a deep insight on this subject and upon references there certainly were things to know and ponder upon. First thing is what happens to your teeth when you apply braces and second is how to maintain our oral health after having so much space occupied by bracing. Well your Auburn orthodontist will always recommend a few important steps that can help you maintain your oral health as well as keep them disease-free. The dentistry run by ortho Sacramento has listed out a few things which can help resolve your common problems that can be faced while having braces on.

1. Using Fluoride Mouthwash: 

Braces do cover a lot of space inside your mouth and reaching everywhere isn’t quite possible with the toothbrush. Flossing those areas won’t help too since we need minerals more than just water to clean the area. There are a lot of products in the market which can help with the purpose and one of them is fluoridated mouthwash. A fluoride is a mineral which is present in almost every dental cosmetic item so that our teeth can get enough nutrition to stay cavity free. It also prevents teeth from getting hardened. Overall it can prevent gum diseases and other infections since it prevents building of cavities inside the mouth.

2. Change in Eating Behaviour: 

After having braces positioned on your teeth, you might need to change what you eat as well. Beverages like tea and coffee and other dark colored drinks can leave stains on the teeth and leave them with yellowish colour. Hard and crunchy foods have a chance of getting stuck with your braces often damaging them which can be hard on you since metallic edges of braces can hurt your soft tissues inside the mouth. Also you need to have proper nutrition while the Orthodontic treatment is going on, therefore a need to change in eating pattern can help you prevent gum diseases.

3. Using Cleansing Tools: 

A lot of cleaning tools are available in the market which can help you in cleaning the braces. Braces are permanent and they cannot move , so some of the food can get stuck inside inviting the bacteria to feast on them, gradually increasing the risk of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Cleaning tools help in deep cleaning and removing this debris so that the tartar doesn’t get settled. If it does, you are at a higher risk of developing oral infections. You can also have a cleaning solution at home which is often advised to people who use invisible braces. They can be easily removed and should be purposely cleaned if you want to avoid any more dental appointments than needed.

4. Use of Customized Toothbrush: 

Normal toothbrushes are harder and apply more pressure to the teeth . With the braces on , it can cause much pain to the teeth but there are customized toothbrushes available specially designed for the purpose of meeting less pressure on the teeth so that one can brush and floss easily. Also with less pain you will be able to move your electric toothbrush effectively as suggested by one of the best orthodontists Sacramento. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction too as often people aren’t used to wearing braces at the start and it often discourages them about their oral health, so selecting a customized toothbrush can be a great option.

Bottom Line: 

If you have braces on, you need to understand the depth of this article as you are at a higher risk of developing oral issues and complications than normal people. We hope we were able to enrich you with the knowledge you need.

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