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Solar Panel Installation And Maintenance Step-By-Step Process

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Solar panel systems are composed of different components. These components are solar modules, an inverter, a mounting system, and a computerized controller.

You know that DC electricity is produced from sunlight through solar panels. So then, the inverter in the solar panel converts it into AC, so to be utilized in the household. And the computerized controller is for managing the solar panel system and its optimal performance.

For a backup system, a battery is a must for an off-the-grid solar system.

Let’s talk about the solar panel installation process.

Solar Panel Installation- Step-By-Step Process

The roof is the best place for the solar panel installation process. Mostly all the roofs have some specific area where sunlight is more abundant. If not possible on the roof, then mounted on the ground level is too risky no doubt, but also there is no other option. Also, make sure that the solar panels get the most sunlight.

Erect Scaffolding

There are three types of scaffolding- suspended, support, and aerial. For instance, from single to double, and steel to the trestle.  You must ensure erect scaffolding during the solar panel plantation when being on the roof.

 Install Solar Mounting System

It is also known as a solar module racking system. The system is used for solar panels to fix them on surfaces such as roofs, building facades, or the ground. The mounting system is the support base for solar panels. A solar module racking system should be tilted between an angle of 18 to 36 degrees for better exposure to sunlight.

Ready To Install The Solar Panels

When erecting scaffolding and mounting system are ready, now then is the time to install the solar panels on the mounting structure. But before anything goes wrong, make sure all the nuts and bolts have to be tightened.

Wiring Solar Panels

When solar panels are installed. Now, is the time to take benefit from them. Install carefully all the related wires with solar panels. Solar panels experts suggest MC4 connectors because these are the best for all kinds of solar energy panels.

Note: Shut off the household’s electricity during wiring solar panels.

Solar Inverter

Install the solar inverter to convert your DC into AC. The inverter should be near to the main panel and for both indoors and outdoors. Keep inverters in a cooler place.

Remember, the afternoon sun is too intense in hot, so keep your inverter safe. Inverter installed inside then it should be kept at garage or utility store. These are likely safe and cool places for the inverter.

Connect Solar Battery and Solar Inverter

To generate electricity from the solar panels, the inverter should be connected to the consumer unit. Connect the generation meter to the monitor to measure the amount of electricity produced by solar energy panels.

Also, to check solar system performance, connect your computer or small device available in the market.

Test Solar Panels- Test Experiment

This is the final step toward solar panel installation. Switch the power button on and test the newly planted solar energy panels.

With this, the solar panel installation process is completed.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Keep in mind that maintenance is the most important and long-lasting part of your solar panels. In the case of solar panels, as there are no moving parts, they actually require very little maintenance.

Solar Panel Maintenance

A very small amount of cost is required for maintenance as compared to solar panel installation. Keep your panels clean in order to get an efficient amount of solar energy. And for that, once a year, invest a small amount on maintenance.

When cleaning your solars, first consult with the installer about warranty conditions because many solar panel manufacturers don’t accept the warrant if any self-cleaning is done.
You can wash the face of the panels but it is recommended to do it in the morning or evening.

You can take professional help from Solar panel installation Tasmania.

Tip: Don’t spray them with cold water they may be hot and can cause any damage.

If you find some difficulties cleaning your solar panels, taking the help of a professional cleaning company is better. We recommend you examine your solar panel system every 3-5 by an installer. Also, take some advice from your installer about the maintenance requirements for your newly installed solar panel system.

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