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7 Renovations House Owners Are Looking Into In 2023

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2021 was a big year for remodeling, and the trend has continued, and probably this year will even be bigger. Since the pandemic started, most people were forced to stay indoors. That has greatly influenced how they renovate their houses. Here are some interesting trends that should be on your radar.

1.  Flexible Home Offices

Adaptable areas have grown in popularity, and the most common one is the home office. These days an unprecedented number of employees log into work from their sofas. Having a space where you can get the job done and the kids can do their homework has become essential. A home office will have a door and lock in an ideal scenario. But that’s not the case because everyone doesn’t have a spare room. You can pick a corner or any other place in the house and create a small office. You can make the space work for other uses as well.

2.  More Wall Glazing, Doors, And Windows

People want to connect with nature now more than ever. You should expect to see remodeling for more windows and glass doors. You can sip tea from your living room and enjoy the outside view in 3D. Instead of adding more windows, you can get one big window that goes from the floor to the ceiling. An oversized window will dramatically change the design of your home. It’s also a wellness strategy. Not only will it make the home more stunning, but it will also add value.

3.  Sustainable Designs

Everyone is starting to consider environmental issues in all aspects, including their homes. People are going for eco-friendly products and remodeling techniques. It can be buying refurbished furniture, creating garden spaces, or installing solar-powered lights. When looking into solar panels you may have to inspect your roof before beginning any changes. You should do your research and look into different contractors that can help you do both jobs. For instance, a roof replacement in Atlanta is very common with the increase in people flipping houses and investing in better services. If you want to embrace the new trend, find ways to make your home more environmentally friendly. It can be a minor renovation or a major one depending on the changes you make. Smart home features are going to be everywhere. People building homes from scratch are also going for sustainable materials. It’s a significant shift, but it’s one for the greater good.

4.  Better Transition Rooms Or Mudrooms

The trend includes mudrooms with a lot of storage for gloves, backpacks, keys, and so much more. People are converting underutilized space in the entryway into drop zones. Some include washing stations or deep sinks. Anything you can fit there will help you save space somewhere else in the house. A land spot for groceries and delivery packages will be a lovely addition as well. Go with an easy-to-clean floor because it’s where everyone will be transitioning before getting into the house. It should be easy to clean and must have enough storage to avoid clutter. If you get a bigger space, you can add laundry equipment and a central charging station for all the tech in the house.

5.  Focusing On The Outdoors

Homeowners are renovating patios, outdoor kitchens, and decks. Wanting to spend more time outdoors is one of the aftermaths of the pandemic. It has forced property owners to re-evaluate how they use outdoor spaces and develop ways to make them comfortable. Creating an outdoor kitchen is more than buying a table and a grill. It’s coming up with a fully functioning outdoor cooking area. It’s a major undertaking that will need a considerable amount of funds. The patio is easier because buying new furniture may be enough to make it more relaxing.

6.  New Flooring

It looks like most people are looking at renovations that add value to the house. The common floor trends are natural wood colors, weathered wood, smoked flooring, bleach wood, and more. Replacing floors is an extensive renovation that might take time. But before you do, find out the kind of floor you want and the resale value. Hard surface floors usually have the best resale value. Floors affect the whole house, take your time and pick the right one. Ask for expert help if you are stuck.

7.  Master Bathrooms That Feel Like Spas

The idea of a master bathroom keeps getting bigger. No one can tell for sure whether this results from spending more time at home or not. Luckily you don’t need a spacious bathroom to make it feel like a spa. It’s the little additional touches that matter most. You can include built-in storage units for towels and other things. Deep vessel sinks are also an idea, and consider changing the lighting. Ensure the changes are luxurious but still practical.


Expect to see most of these changes when you walk into your family or friends’ houses. Before the year ends, make at least one or two home improvements. Pick the ones within your budget and find professionals to help you.

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