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5 Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Perhaps, you’ve been wondering why your killer content pieces on Instagram don’t create as much buzz as anticipated. The short answer is that you lack engagement.

It’s not enough to create outstanding material; to impress your followers and the algorithm, you need to work on your followers’ interaction with your content.

Here’s how to turn ‘scrollers’ into engaged Instagram followers.

1.  Try Out Different Types of Content

Instagram allows you to publish content in different forms, including carousel posts, IGTV, single-image posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels. If you dwell on only one type, your followers may lose interest.

Use the trial-and-error method to find which category appeals the most to your followers. Monitor trending formats and try using them. You can also play around with user-generated content or memes and see whether they generate engagement.

According to some reports, carousel posts have the best engagement rates, especially those that incorporate photos and videos—however, note that what works for one company may not work for you.

2.  Look Past the Likes

We understand how tempting it is to focus solely on likes; however, that’s not the only Instagram statistic to monitor.

Likes are relatively passive — we scan, double-tap, and go about our business. Other Instagram analytics provide further information about the people who connect with your content.

For instance, comments show that your followers care about your material enough to type their thoughts. On the other hand, saves indicate that the content was excellent and that the users wish to return to it later. Finally, shares demonstrate how much they enjoyed your material and feel that others will appreciate it.

Many businesses neglect shares and how many people share their posts since they are not visible to the general public. What’s the point of having high engagement if you can’t flaunt it? Wrong.

Shares and saves indicate who’s genuinely interested in your content, besides communicating with Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm tracks who shares and saves your posts and subsequently ensures that your posts appear more frequently in those viewers’ feeds.

3.  Remember to be Consistent

Because the Instagram algorithm prefers active users, posting regularly will help your content reach a larger audience.

Always remember that consistency annihilates the competition. And so, make it your aim to post daily/consistently. People follow you on Instagram because they like your content—be sure to give them what they want.

However, note that more isn’t always better. In some instances, when companies post more, their engagement levels decrease. It’s all about establishing a balance—a fact that underscores the importance of learning how to deliver your content appropriately.

An instagram marketing course can help you identify when, how, and what to post to bring in the most traffic to your page. Posting without a plan can irritate your followers or, worse, cause them to unfollow you.

4.  Facilitate Discussions

Don’t just throw your stuff out there and hope to be inundated with compliments. Allow for back-and-forth dialogues with your audience.

To stimulate comments, include a call to action (CTA) or questions. Remember that you’re speaking to people, and people want to be heard.

Posing questions is an excellent method to engage your followers and get them talking. Just make sure you respond to direct messages and comments.

For instance, if you sell food items, you can insert a question at the end of a description, such as “Who has tried this flavor already?” Such a post is likely to elicit comments.

5.  Partner with Other Influencers

While partnering with other influences seems like a cliché, it’s one of the surest ways to gain new followers and increase your engagement.

Remember that well-established influencers have loyal followings, so a strategic partnership can help you reach a new audience.

You don’t need a significant star influencer to boost Instagram engagement. Influencers with relatively smaller but engaged users can be equally powerful. Besides, these smaller influencers are more accessible, affordable, and are perceived as more genuine.

And so, assess your extended network for accounts that influence your followers and partner with them.

We’ve provided five strategies to enhance Instagram engagement; including partnering with influencers, being consistent, using different content types, looking past the likes, and initiating discussions. Although they’re standalone, implementing them simultaneously can give excellent outcomes.

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