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7 Safety Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

7 Safety Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture without any involvement of furniture removals is like an uphill battle. It is not an impossible task, but you need to take some important safety measures to make sure that the furniture is not getting damaged. We have created an in-depth guide for the challenging task of how to move heavy furniture safely. Whether you are moving furniture with your friends or family members, do make sure that all of them are following these given tips.

1. Prepare for the move

The foremost way to move heavy furniture is to plan ahead of time. Do check the dimensions of the furniture and measure the doorways, staircase and the areas from where the furniture needs to pass through. Doing this process can help you figure out that you need to dismantle any parts of the furniture or need to secure the areas with padding to move the furniture. In the next part of planning, do browse on the internet about the movers near me and make a comparison with other movers.

In addition to the planning part, do plan a route from where you want your furniture to be moved. Check the route for any traffic jams or condition of the road, so that there will be a smooth move of the furniture.

2. Dismantle the Furniture

Certain large items of furniture such as dressers, desks, and bookshelves are feasible to move if they are taken apart. Especially if the items are in awkward shape, size and delicate enough or simply will not fit through the moving path. They can do this through disassembling process to make it more comfortable. Oftentimes, furniture removals have equipment with them to dismantle the furniture easily. But if you are doing it on your own then you need to make an estimate of how much time it will take and how to assemble it again at its new location.

Remove the mirrors of the dresser, so that it should not wobble during the move and do not break on the way. Some dining tables and larger desks have detachable legs, removing them will make navigating doorways easier. Take out the drawers from dressers to lighten the load, so that it gets very easy to handle for moving.

3. Wrap the Furniture and Lift it

While considering the safety tips, once you have executed your plan and have taken care to disassemble all key pieces, now it’s time to wrap the furniture. If you are moving furniture within the house, then wrapping is not required. However, for any moves that involve lifting and loading large furniture out of a house and loading intoa movingtruck, wrapping is a must. To get a better hold of the furniture, furniture removals suggest wrapping the furniture in a moving blanket, stretch wrap and at last with the packing tape. The stretch wrap and tape are required to make sure that the moving blanket does not come off during the move.

You can use a shoulder dolly also, to make the job of lifting heavy furniture easier on you and your back. In case you are moving furniture upstairs or down, a hand truck will be the best idea for that.

4. Collect Equipment

While moving heavy furniture, do not rely on brute force. Before the moving day, collect all the tools and equipment which you require to save you from getting hurt and the furniture from getting damaged. Some major tools consist of Dollies, ramps, moving straps, work gloves and sliders. Among all the tools, sliders are most important, because that is the answer to the question of how to move heavy furniture without damaging the floor. Furniture sliders are typically a good method to decrease the workload and they save your vulnerable and wooden floors from getting scratches while moving. Apart from that moving strap are the best option for lifting heavy items. These straps can distribute weight across your body and save you from any strain on the body and keep the furniture also safe.

5. Get Professional Experts

If you are thinking of hiring some professional furniture removals, do not just browse on internet movers near me and select them. You need to examine whether the movers are capable enough to handle heavy furniture or not. Many movers claim to move any kind of furniture but do not have sufficient experience in doing so. While choosing such movers will make you suffer a loss, because there is a chance of furniture getting damaged. Do make sure that you are becoming professional experts who can take care of the heavy items efficiently and make them reach their new location without any harm to it.

6. Learn Some Moving Techniques

You probably have the confidence to move heavy furniture, but before you do it. You need to go through some core techniques of moving heavy furniture. You can take some assistance from the internet and learn a couple of good moving techniques which not only put a strain on your body but make the furniture move to its new place without getting any damage.

It is mandatory to carry the furniture in the right way, so techniques will help you move the furniture very well.

7. Don’t Try to Lift More Than You Safely Can

In the last tip, you need to understand one fact moving furniture is a task, not a weightlifting competition. If you feel too heavy or unmanageable, while carrying furniture, ask for help instead of trying it more. You know your body well and its capabilities better than anyone, so listen to what it is saying and don’t attempt to carry more than you can.

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