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The 37 proposals of the “Rent in confidence” report presented on Tuesday by MP Mickaël Nogal (LREM) fall within the framework of a mission entrusted to him by the government. They apply to the private rental stock and are a continuation of the so-called Elan housing law, adopted in 2018.

“The evolution of the market means that the owner is more and more worried about unpaid bills, the deterioration of his property (…) and at the same time we have tenants for whom access to housing real estate agent is more difficult than it was yesterday. And if we do nothing, the situation will deteriorate, especially in very tense areas where tenants are in competition, “warned the deputy of Haute-Garonne, also vice-president of the Economic Affairs Commission, during a press conference.

The security deposit problem

Among the main measures, the question of the security deposit is, according to him, the “main” concern. On the one hand the tenant fears that the latter will be cashed and on the other, the owner, sometimes exposes himself “to non-payment of the last month’s rent”. “I propose the compulsory deposit of the security deposit which would be made with an organisation which would be approved by the State”, affirmed Mickaël Nogal.

The deputy also recommends giving back “a real role”, more “autonomous” to the real estate agent. Two-thirds of owners prefer to manage their property themselves because they “believe that the service provided by real estate agents does not justify the costs that are charged”, he observed. Thus, the owner who will choose to go through a real estate agent “will be 100% secure” because it is the real estate agent who “will guarantee the payment of rents on the right date whatever happens on the tenant’s side. “.

A bill in September

In addition to “better information” on the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, it is also proposed on the tax side that the energy transition tax credit (CITE), which should soon be transformed into a bonus, be ” conditional on the fact that the owners benefiting from it can moderate their rent to make access to housing easier”. The majority MP, who has been involved in the parliamentary work on Elan, has indicated that he intends to submit a bill in September following this report.

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