Things to Know Before Purchasing A Bespoke Suit

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All aspects of the garment, from the cut to the lining and lapels, are custom bespoke. You can recognize a custom suit, even if it seems to be simply a simple blue suit, even if it is made by a tailor.

How does one go about having a custom-made suit?

There are a number of people involved in creating our personalized designer dream: the designer who directs the process, measurements, and cutters and tailors. It is not uncommon for the measurers to take anywhere from 36 to 40 measures in a single session. The cutter and the tailor will get the sketches and measurements, and they will begin work on the garment.

When it comes to custom clothing, the first step is the most crucial: a conversation with the tailor and/or the designers. When it comes to custom, it is a team effort. The tailor must examine your posture, walk, seating position, and anatomy in order to construct the perfect suit for you, which might be unnerving for those who aren’t used to it.

Measurements for a new suit have been taken

Getting a bespoke suit needs you to pay attention to every component of the suit, from the cut to the fabric, the pocket type to the location. Before it is transported to the tailor for sewing, the cloth selected after you have been measured is cut by skilled cutters to your precise body form.

Is there anything else should bear in mind before making this decision?

Make a financial plan

Between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 40 lakh, you may get a tailored suit. You need to know what you want, not how much it should cost.


In terms of everyday wearability, traditional shades like navy blue or grey are best. For a broad collection of custom suits, white, sky powder blue, and a variety of other colors are all viable options. 

It’s all about the fabric

When it comes to fabric, lightweight worsted wool is the most adaptable. Thicker, warmer wools, flannels, and tweeds are ideal for winter suits. Cotton, linen, and silk mixes are all excellent choices for summer clothing since they are lightweight and cool to the touch. Inner lining: silk or Bemberg, while the exterior fabric is generally composed of wool or cotton or linen, or a mix of these materials.

The line on the inside

To give the shape and weight of your bespoke suit, the inner lining cloth is sewn directly to your skin. Unlined, half-lined, and fully-lined are all alternatives. Greater insulation and thickness are two advantages of a full-lined suit jacket, making it an excellent choice for colder climates. Half-lined or unlined suits may be more breathable in hot weather.


You may increase your shoulders, slim down, and seem taller in a well-fitting Bespoke suit if it is constructed properly. Wearing a well-tailored suit demonstrates that you’re in command of your own style and your personal life. After putting in the time and effort to choose the features, fit them, create them, and design them, your suit is now ready to take on the world.

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