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Does soccer betting count as extra time? 

For new players, encountering some problems, such as playing soccer and betting overtime, is inevitable. 

Soccer betting is a very popular entertainment game in most countries around the world. However, first-time participants often encounter some problems, such as, typically, does soccer betting include extra time? In the following betting experience sharing article, Aviator Signals will help you better understand this issue. 

In fact, each bookmaker will have certain regulations on bet levels as well as regulations on whether soccer betting includes extra time. Normally, most bookmakers only allow players to bet on the main match with a duration of 90 minutes. Remaining extra periods or extra time will not be included in previous bets. 

In addition, depending on the type of bet, the house may still organize extra-time betting. However, there are also types of bets where the house will not organize extra-time betting. 

What is extra time in football? 

In fact, each football match will consist of two main halves, with a total time of both halves being 90 minutes, meaning each main half will be 45 minutes. In addition, depending on each specific match, the referee will decide whether to play extra time or not. 

According to the regulations of the World Football Federation, extra time will officially be played if, in the main period, neither team wins. Normally, extra time lasts 30 minutes and is divided into two small halves. Each half will last 15 minutes, and there will be no break between these two halves. 

When extra time begins, the referee will choose the team that received the ball in the first half to kick off the extra time. When the first 15-minute extra period is played, both teams will change courts and play in the remaining half. 

In the case of soccer betting, extra time is considered 

In some special cases, you may receive a notice from the bookmaker regarding the appearance of bets in extra time. 

To answer the question of whether playing soccer betting with overtime does not help you avoid wasting time and have the opportunity to analyze and calculate in advance, you should still know a few common situations: 

Betting on whether there will be extra time or not: This is a yes-no bet provided by the house at the end of the second half, allowing you to predict whether extra time will occur. 

Goal bet: This type of bet is relatively simple, in which you need to bet whether a goal will be scored during extra time or not. 

Win – lose bet: Also known as a bet on the outcome to see which club will win the final advantage. For example, if you choose the away team to win, then bet on the away team/extra time, and vice versa. 

Almost all popular bet types currently offered by bookmakers to you are in the case of not counting extra time. Accordingly, they are only considered based on the results of the official 90 minutes of the match, specifically: 

European Handicap 1X2: This is a bet that only cares about the win, loss or draw of the two teams without considering the score. Therefore, if there is extra time, the bookmaker will default that the two clubs are tied. 

Asian Handicap Handicap: Different from European Handicap, Asian Handicap or Handicap Handicap also involves many accompanying odds. 

Over/Under Over/Under: The house will provide a specific score, and you just need to predict whether the actual number is higher or lower. 

Does soccer betting count extra time? 

Even – Odd score bet: The bet depends on the total number of goals scored by both teams during the match. 

First person to score a bet: In addition, the first person to score a bet is also a quick bet that only appears at the beginning of the match. 

Betting bets predict which team will lead: Next, like the first scorer bet, will be a bet on which team will score first. 

Short bets: Finally, you also need to pay attention to short bets that appear suddenly. 

Thus, the above article has answered the question of whether soccer betting has extra time for beginners. Hopefully, information linked above will help you better understand the rules and how to play in soccer betting, increasing your winning odds when participating in betting. Wishing you more success 

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