How many paylines slot machine is the best for you

To date, the best Asian online casinos have hundreds of video slots and slot machines. Popular gaming websites like or have more than 2,500 casino games listed. There are many settings, active lines, free spins and bonus games, setting the length of payout cycles and the variance of winnings in online slot machines.

It is often difficult for a novice player to navigate the many online slots and choose the right one. Therefore, it is essential to understand how many lines are more profitable to play slots. And what changes when choosing slots with different active lines? And what is affected by this characteristic?

What is influenced by the slot’s active lines?

• The more active lines, the higher the total bet and the lower the bet on each line separately. On the one hand, the player needs to bet more; on the other hand, many lines reduce the variance. So, even a big win in one of the 100 active lines in the slot machine will give a much smaller amount than the same payout when playing 9 lines. In turn, playing 10 rupees on 243 lines and 9 lines, you bet on each active line almost 15 times more in the second option.

• The variance of slots on 243 lines is usually much lower than on 9-15 lines. The payout cycle in 9-15 line slot machines is usually much longer than in multi-line slots.

• In 243 line slot machines, the multiplier is usually higher during free games than in 9-15 line slots.

• Slot machines on 1-5 lines have a slightly higher variance, but the overall payout percentage is usually lower than in modern slot machines. It can be explained that classic slot machines have been produced for a long time. In conditions of low competition in the past, slot machines were set to return the bets of 80-90%.

Which slot machines are more profitable to play?

It will be more profitable for the player to play slots with 9-15 lines if he likes rare big wins and 243 lines if he is satisfied with constant small wins. Exceptions are online casino games with additional Wild symbols features, and having 2-4 characters can bring a huge payoff, as most of the 243 lines will be Wild.

Pros and cons of online slot machines

• As a rule, the gameplay is more exciting. Something is constantly happening on the playing field, payments are made, and combinations converge. Situations, where the player does not receive a single rupee for 10-15 spins, are infrequent.

• During the free bonus games, the gamer gets additional benefits and an increased multiplier, unlike the classic x3 in slots on 9-15 lines.

• The variance of multi-line slots is reduced, and the payout cycle is shorter.

• The player will receive big wins only in slots on 9-15 lines. This statement is especially true for the main gameplay. Playing on 243 lines, the gamer expects a bonus or additional feature. It isn’t elementary to win big during the main game.

Play slot machines with different paylines for real money at RajBet casino

As you can see, each player can choose the path that gives him the most pleasure. There is no clear answer to the question: “How many lines is more profitable to play slots?”. There is a game with reduced variance in slots on 243 lines in anticipation of the bonus round or a game on 9-15 active lines with the ability to win a large amount during the main game.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide what to choose. In RajBet online casino, you can select the most interesting online slot machine, play the demo version, and then go to the game for real money.

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