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You need to know about these Rules before Building an ADU in San Jose

ADU can be a smart investment if you build it with proper planning by following certain rules and regulations that apply to your location. If you care for your parents or elders and want to keep them close to you without disturbing their privacy, you can think about building an ADU for them. You can make proper planning to build an ADU so that your parents do not face any hassles in the future. Moreover, it will ensure that your parents live with utmost safety and comfort.

If you are living in San Jose and searching for San Jose ADU contractors, then you are at the right place. We can guide you with the necessary information that you need to know before building an ADU on your property. Remember, you have to abide by these rules to build an ADU. So, read thoroughly to understand why you should build an ADU and what rules you can follow to build one.

Why you should build an ADU

There are many advantages of building an ADU on your property. If you want to keep your parent close to you and are skeptical about building an ADU, then you should know the benefits that you can avail yourself of with an ADU on your property.

A smart investment

ADU can be a smart investment that will protect your parents from going to a shelter home. Your parents might face many health issues in their old age, which you can keep track of if they stay with you. They can suffer from many diseases or they can be infected by deadly viruses like COVID if they stay with a lot of people in shelter homes. So, this is a smart investment in terms of health care for your parents.

Care for your elders without hampering their privacy:

You might want your parents to be with you, but it is practically not possible as staying with your parents may hamper their privacy. But, if you build an ADU unit, you can keep them close to you without disturbing their privacy. They will feel comfortable in their own house and remain close to you. This way, you can take care of them in their old age. Moreover, your guests can stay there whenever they visit your house. Your caretakers can also stay in an ADU, which makes it a great investment.

Increase the property value:

Building an ADU can also increase your property value. If you build an ADU unit along with your primary building, then it will increase the value of your property also. So, if you sell your property, you can get double the amount of the purchase.

ADU Rules and Regulations:

You have to follow certain guidelines to build an ADU on your property. However, you are allowed to build both detached and attached ADUs on your property.

The maximum floor area of a detached ADU can be 1,000 square feet maximum for a 9,000square feet lot size. If the area of your property is more than 9000 square feet, then you are allowed to build an ADU of 1,200 square feet.

If you are building a one-story ADU, the maximum height allowed will be 18 feet. For a two-story ADU unit, the maximum height is 24 feet.

If your property includes a Junior ADU, the maximum height of a detached ADU will be 16 feet as per state law.

An ADU can be built at a distance of 45 feet minimum from the main property line.

The rear/side distance allowed is less than 3 feet from the main property line.

It should be built at a distance of 10 feet on the street side.

You can build a maximum of 2 bedrooms in your ADU unit; the maximum size allowed for the bedroom is 400 square feet.

You can build a kitchen in your ADU with a sink, food preparation counter, storage, cabinets, and permanent cooking facilities that include a range hood, cooktop, and oven.

A maximum of two bathrooms are allowed for an ADU unit, which should include a sink, toilet, showerhead, or other bath facilities.

You can have storage that has a maximum area of 60 square feet.

An ADU is not allowed to have a parking lot as per state law.


ADU can be a great idea to gift your parents in their old age. They can stay close to you without compromising their privacy. However, you can use ADUs in different ways such as; can quarantining yourself in your ADU unit if you are tested COVID positive. This will be a life savior as you will not infect your other family members if you stay away from them. Moreover, you can keep a watch on the health of your loved ones whoever is quarantined in the ADU unit. So, you can think about building an ADU by abiding by the above-discussed guidelines.

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