Jealousy and Insecurities Explored in DC’s Stargirl Season 2

It’s tough being a teenage superhero. Not only do you have to live a double life but you also have to deal with high school and peer pressure, not to mention homework and the occasional acne outbreak.

Teenage Insecurities

Fortunately, beautiful Courtney Whitmore (played by Brec Bassinger) doesn’t have to worry about spots, but she does face a host of self-doubt as the leader of the new Justice Society of America in DC’s Stargirl produced by Geoff Johns. Does she have what it takes, especially now that she knows Starman isn’t her father? Then there’s that whole battle with Eclipso, the nightmare villain who knows your secrets and the best way to get you on your emotional knees.

But nothing compares to that insecurity that comes from having a friend who’s just a little better than you are.

Dual Uncertainties

While Green Lantern’s daughter Jade (her dual identify name is Jennie) may have won the lottery in the superhero genes, she has her own emotional weaknesses as well. She’s a foster kid terrified of being rejected who desperately tries to please everyone in the Whitmore-Dugan home. And, of course, Jade has Green Lantern’s superhero genes complete with a lantern that reflects Jade’s emotions and is ultimately the source of Jade’s power. It’s enough to throw unsure Courtney into a tailspin of jealousy.

Conflicts and Friendships

With the help of her stepfather Pat, Courtney eventually feels compassion for Jennie/Jade, and the two become friends. It is Courtney and her encouragement that will lead Jade to realize how to control the Green Lantern’s lamp, and perhaps ultimately her own raging emotions over being abandoned by her father.

On to Season 3

The subtitle of DC’s Stargirl Season 3 is Frenemies, so expect more of that great tension between teen rivals who are also superheroes and sometimes supervillains. Sportsmaster, who uses sports equipment for deadly purposes, and longtime Injustice Society of America member Tigress showed their compassionate side in Season 2.  Will they redeem themselves for the sake of their daughter in Season 3? Only time will tell.

Shade (played by Jonathan Cake), the collector of “old and curious things” will likely return. He’s also a member of the Injustice Society of America, so his appearance should make things interesting. He and mean girl Cindy Burman both want the black diamond which unleashes the evil Eclipso.

Whatever happens in Season 3, viewers are sure to enjoy the rivalry and the friendships found in DC’s Stargirl.

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