How To Use Breast Pump Get Less Pain and More Milk

Using a breast pump can feel difficult if you are doing it for the first time. It may feel like a failure to you because you are unable to collect enough breast milk to feed your baby. But instead of getting worried about the same, you need to understand that it will take time to learn how to use a breast pump properly and express more milk. 

You should be patient and use the device in the correct way to increase the quantity of milk and feed the baby. Here are some tips to help you express more milk and experience less pain using a breast pump. 

Get The Right Breast Pump 

Choosing the best breast pump is very important to collect more milk. It is not a good idea to get a cheap device that causes a lot of pain when expressing milk. You should look for some superior models that perform efficiently and help extract milk with ease. These devices also come with some features such as variable speed settings, adjustable suction levels, massage modes, etc. 

Breast pumps are available in different types and come with instruction manuals for easy usability. So first, you have to decide what type of breast pump you need and how many devices you want to have. Also, you should read the instruction manual carefully to use the device in the right way. If required, you can also have two breast pumps to use as you want. 

Set Correct Goals 

Depending on how you set your goals for pumping sessions, you can determine whether it will be a failure or a success. The duration for how long you are breastfeeding your baby is an important thing to take into consideration. If you have just started and aimed to collect a lot of milk on the first day itself, you can’t achieve your goal. As a result, you may think that you are failing. 

So, you should understand this point and aim to collect a certain quantity of milk during a pumping session. Slowly, it will increase, and you can collect more milk. Also, do consider your health conditions as they can affect milk production. You should stay relaxed while using the pump as it will help the milk flow freely. 

Eat Healthy Diet and Drink Sufficient Water 

In order to get more milk, you should eat healthy food and drink enough water. Nursing mothers should consume 13 cups of liquid a day to increase milk production. Also, you should get enough sleep to stay healthy. At least a full night’s sleep is essential for a breastfeeding woman. 

Make sure that you schedule your pumping activity and do this at regular intervals. During the first two weeks, you can pump up to 20 minutes every two hours a day. For the next six weeks, you can follow the same routine, but sometimes, you may need to pump at night if the baby wakes up. 

Why is breast pumping so painful?

Breast pumping can be a very useful tool for mothers who need to feed their babies with breast milk but are unable to do so directly. However, it’s not uncommon for many mothers to experience pain while pumping. There are several reasons why breast pumping can be painful, and some of the most common factors include improper suction settings, incorrect flange size, and engorgement.

Improper suction settings can lead to discomfort while pumping. If the suction level is too high, it can cause damage to the breast tissue, while a low suction level can make the pumping process less effective. Using the right flange size can also play a significant role in preventing pain during pumping. A flange that is too small can cause the nipple to be pulled too far into the pump, while a flange that is too large can result in a lack of suction.

Engorgement is another common cause of pain while pumping. When the breasts become too full, they can become swollen and tender, making pumping uncomfortable. Additionally, conditions such as mastitis or a blocked milk duct can also lead to pain and discomfort while pumping.


In order to express more milk, having the best electric breast pump is a must. But you should also follow the instructions and use the device appropriately to get better results. 

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