How to Protect your Classic Car

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Every precious thing needs protection and care and when it comes to Classic Car, it requires extra measures of protection to keep them in the best shape. So now the question is How to protect your Classic Car. There are so many ways to keep your classic car safe. For instance, Drive your car carefully, drive your car on Good roads, regular maintenance, store your cars, and many more.

But the most important thing is to buy Car insurance for your Classic Cars. There are so many classic car insurance companies that can provide your best facilities. If we talk about traditional Insurance, it will not provide you special protection. And on the other hand, classic car insurance companies provide you may compensate you for your vehicle if it is damaged or destroyed.

Classic Car Insurance

When you think about “How to protect your classic car” the first thing comes to your mind that is Insurance. Classic car insurance is specialty insurance deliberate for antique and classic cars. It will look like ordinary car insurance including damage and liability protection but its offers unique Protection for your classic cars.

For instance, it will cover the cost of those hard-to-find replacement parts in the event of an accident. All classic car insurance companies provide your best facility and protection. Classic car insurance also covers your vehicle in the event of theft. It will be depending on the details of your claim.

What types of Classic Cars are Protected?

All classic car insurance companies provide you Protection for your classic cars. But there are some types of vehicles that are protected by insurance companies.

Custom Builds

Muscle, sports, and race cars

Antiques and Classics

Modern classics from the ’80s, 90’s

Classic Trucks and SUVs

Old Military Vehicle

Antique tractors

Retired Fire Trucks

Classic Car Insurance Eligibility

As we all know the importance of car insurance. All Classic Car Insurance Companies need some eligibility to accept your classic car for insurance. They need some form of protection like your classic car cover under a structure or in a garage.

No racing allowed for insurance, classic car insurance, need your vehicle to be as low of a risk. That means no racing is allowed. They also need a minimum of 10 years of driving experience for purchasing car insurance. They need authentic cars or genuine factory vehicles. They won’t cover kit cars or replicas.

Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

The classic car is a very precious item so you have to find the best classic car insurance companies for your precious item. Classic car insurance is also known as collector car insurance. It is cheaper than ordinary Insurance. This insurance comes with some rules like mileage restrictions and where to perk your vehicle. Here is the list of some companies who can provide you best Insurance for your antique cars

Hagerty Insurance

This company offers you more than just classic car insurance. They will provide you vehicle specialist to help with any type of repair and replacement process. This company accepts vehicles from 1979 and older. They provide coverage for trip interruptions, spare parts, tools, and roadside assistance. 

Grundy Insurance

It is an excellent choice for your classic cars. They offer standard types of car insurance coverage like personal injury protection, bodily injury liability, medical payments, property damage liability. The insurer also offers spare parts coverage up to $500, labor coverage up to $250.

American Collectors Insurance

It is the most reputable Classic Car insurance company in the nation. This company has an ‘A’ rating from AM Best, which means they have a strong ability to meet customer claim obligations. This company offers agreed value coverage, spare parts coverage, vehicles in restoration coverage for newly acquired vehicles. 

Heacock Classic Insurance

It is a great option for those customers who need the best services. This company has a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating on Trustpilot with 750 reviews. This company offers all types of standard auto insurance and also includes roadside assistance at no extra cost. Spare parts and agreed value coverage are also included.

How to choose car insurance for your classic vehicle

Here are some tips to find the best classic car insurance for your vehicle.

Try to find discounts

Look for that type of classic car insurance companies that will help you to save such as bundling policies, having a costly car, adding safety features, ensuring your car in a garage

Spare parts Coverage

This will protect your car from theft or replacement parts. This deal is ideal for race car models. Because racecar has hard to find products.

Expansion guard 

This accent increases your protection limits for no extra cost as your car appreciates in value generally by 4% to 6% of its value. 

Some ways Protect your Classic Cars

We always think that how to protect our classic car from theft, or any type of Damage. So here are some tips to protect your car, trucks, or any classic vehicle.

Storage Facility

Keep your car in a Clean garage. There will be no power tools or kids’ toys. And your garage is linked with a fire detection system so it’s good for your vehicle.

Important Documents

Keep original manuals, historic photos, and cars repair history. It increases vehicles value and appreciates your investment. 

Research the history of your classic cars

Find vintage magazines, books, catalogs, that have information about your car. It will give you information about the originality of parts, proper installation, and much more things.


Find a mechanic who specializes in your classic vehicle and find any problems Directly.


Take your vehicle out for a ride at least every few weeks. It will help you to maintain proper oiling and also know about any maintenance needs. And if you think about keeping the mileage down, a few miles each month, will not hurt the car’s value.

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