How to Optimize Local Search Results?

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Since the surge of businesses in the digital market, every business owner aims to dominate the digital and local market. When business owners sit down to plan for their website development, local search is crucial to focus on.

If your website for business is not yet strategically optimized for local search, then you have come to the right place. Here are the crucial components you have to focus on to ensure your website is optimized locally:

Add Business on Google My Business Listing

Google My Business has listed millions of businesses worldwide, but 56% percent of local retailers have yet to claim their GMB listing. Don’t be a part of them, especially now that nearly 50% of Google searches are looking for local information.

It is easy to add your business website to the Google My Business listing. You only have to input the information completely; ensure that it is accurate and updated. 

Add schema markup to your website to help Google easily match your business to local searches. Digital marketers know schema markups do not directly impact a website’s SEO ranking, but it helps Google index your data that shows up in the search results.

Do not get intimidated adding your business on GMB, and schema markup does not require a developer. 

Update NAP Citations on Website

Your business NAP is essential to inform clients of your business’s contact center and location. If you are unsure what NAP means, it stands for the Name, Address, and Phone Number of your business; these information are also critical as it matches up everywhere it appears on your website.

Ask for Reviews from Previous Clients

The same with the positive impact of word-of-mouth in traditional marketing, reviews from previous clients goes a long way. What your previous clients say is influential to the decisions of your potential clients. 

Experts have observed that reviews on Google My Business listing are the second-most influential ranking factor for local businesses. The more review your business have on GMB, the more possibility you land in a higher rank search. 

Research Local Keywords and Create Relevant Content

Digital marketing always ends up with providing relevant content to your target audience. But when optimizing for local search, you have to focus on using search terms that are high ranking on a local level.

Use these local terms in your content. Make your content as informational and engaging as possible. 

Ensure Website is Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is essential to improve your rank in the local search results. Most digital consumers search with their smartphone or tablet. That’s why you should offer the best customer experience possible for users to explore your website from their mobile devices. Ensure that your website content has the same quality of experience on mobile.

Optimizing your business website is essential to improving your local search market position. Implement these crucial components. Although they are a few, it helps you get quick wins. Do not panic if you cannot see immediate results. SEO is a long-term goal, and it pays off in the end.

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