How to Dress as Guests at a Wedding

You must follow these guidelines when choosing the dress for a wedding. Some brides are very particular about what guests wear, so it’s best to stay away from white and similar colors. Colors such as gold and champagne are also acceptable, though some brides prefer that guests stay away from bright colors and all-black suits.

Code of dress

The Dress Code for wedding guests is something many couples choose to have, if only to give guests a hint about what to wear. Some dress codes are very clear and specific, while others leave a lot to the imagination. You must remember that wedding guests will likely be tagged via social media so make sure you wear clothes that look great on the camera. Mixing both is a good idea if you don’t want to get caught and appear uninvited.


The most important thing to consider when dressing for a wedding is your time. For an evening wedding, you should choose dark, formal colors, while a daytime ceremony might be more relaxed and a dressy jumpsuit may be more appropriate. If you’re attending an informal wedding, however, you may wear any clothing you would normally wear for a daytime ceremony, such as a t-shirt or jeans.


You should choose a neutral color if you are attending a wedding. A saturated color will make you stand out, however muted or dark colors can be just as effective. White is not the best choice as it can be seen most prominently in crowds. Instead, stick with pastels and deeper shades of blue and green. They are the closest to the bride’s gown, so they are the best choices.


The fabric you choose should have stretch. Although silk is very popular, it should not be used in warm climates as the fabric can get damaged. You can buy silk Mikado, which is heavier than regular silk. You can also wear regular silk, but you might want to consider purchasing one made of Mikado, as this fabric is a bit more durable. Choosing a fabric made of Mikado is best for cooler weather, or if you want extra warmth.


For a summer ceremony, a midi-length, short dress is appropriate. A floor-length, elegant gown can be worn for an evening event. If the bride is wearing white, avoid this dress. The bride isn’t likely to want her guests to confuse her with her family members or the catering staff. In order to avoid the confusion, it’s best to stay away from full-length white dresses.

Adding a splash of colour

Adding a splash of colour to tuxedos, bouquets and even your tableware can make the entire event more colourful and eye-catching. You can add color to your wedding by using flowers, props, candles, and vases. But you also have the option to go wild and create your own decorations. You can add bold colours to your bouquet and gown or choose a brightly colored skirt with white gown.

Avoiding a similar outfit to the wedding party

You can make sure that you don’t look too different from other wedding guests by choosing an outfit that is slightly more elegant than the one you have in mind. For example, if the bride is wearing a dark blue dress, it is important to wear bright accessories to match. On the other hand, if the bride is wearing a light blue dress, you can use a subtle hue and bright accessories instead.

What should a female guest wear to a wedding?

When attending a wedding, it is essential to dress appropriately to honor the occasion and the couple. As a female guest, choosing the right attire can be tricky as you must balance looking elegant and not stealing the bride’s spotlight. The first rule is to avoid wearing white or any shade that closely resembles it, as it is reserved for the bride. Instead, choose vibrant colors or pastels matching the wedding’s theme and season. Dresses and skirts are the most common choices, but if you prefer pantsuits or jumpsuits, make sure they are not too casual or revealing.

A knee-length or midi hemline dress is ideal for most weddings, but a floor-length gown is acceptable for formal events. Accessorize with a clutch, elegant jewelry, and comfortable heels that match your outfit. Finally, make sure your outfit is comfortable, and you can easily move around and dance. A wedding is an opportunity to celebrate love and happiness; your attire should reflect this joyous occasion.

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