How to Design the Ultimate Hangout Space for Your Teen

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If you have a teenager, then you understand just how important their time is with friends. And it’s not just time spent with friends; teens tend to do a lot of lounging in general as they seem to do a great job at maximizing their downtime. As a parent, nothing will be cooler than for you to design the ultimate hangout space in the home for your teen that they can use for relaxing, doing homework, entertaining friends, and having that separate area all their own. So we’ve got some tips that you can use.

Choose an Area That Will Be All Theirs

The first tip is to resist the urge to turn your communal family room into the teen hangout location. The whole point of creating a teen space is that it’s meant for them, so they have a sense of freedom and privacy. This may mean that you transition an existing space into the teen space, maybe you set it up in the basement if applicable, or a spare bedroom. The space doesn’t have to be massive; any size will make your teen thrilled.

Don’t Choose Traditional Furniture

It’s important to also remind yourself this space isn’t meant for adults, so you don’t have to worry about how comfortable the furniture is. There’s no need to choose basic and boring sofas and armchairs; instead, think about the cool and comfort factors. A big bean bag chair is perfect for a couple of teens to hang out in, offering plenty of comforts and a cool vibe.

Choosing non-traditional furniture that can also be moved around the room to suit their needs and activities will be appreciated.

Include Entertainment Options in the Space

Because this area is meant to be for hanging out you need to think like a teen and consider what they do in their downtime. Entertainment options will be a must-have in the space, but they should reflect your teen’s preferences.

Some of the entertainment you may want to add to the room includes:

  • A large-screen television
  • Video game console
  • Desktop computer or laptop
  • Game tables (billiards/pool, foosball, table tennis, air hockey, checkers or chess)

Give Your Teen a Snack Station

Teens are notorious for having bottomless stomachs, and it often seems like they can never eat enough to feel full. So you may also want to add a snack station to the design so there’s no need to keep heading to the kitchen when they have friends over. You can give them a small refrigerator perfect for soda, juice, and bottled water and then a small shelf for their favorite snacks.

Don’t Forget About a Cool Color Palette

The final tip is what brings the space together and that’s a fresh coat of paint. Again, this is your teen’s space so there’s no need to love the color; nor does it need to blend with the rest of the house. You may want to get their input on what color they want.

A Space Your Teen Will Love

Taking the time to create a hangout space in the home for your teen is something they will recognize and appreciate and will prompt them to spend time at home with and without friends.

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