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Why aluminum bottled water is Best For You

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Water bottles have been in our use for a very long time and if the use of water bottles isn’t replaced with an alternative, they can be a very huge threat to the environment in near future. Plastics are not eco-friendly at all which indicates that they cannot be recycled as much as aluminum can be. Recently we have also witnessed that food packaging is also being done in aluminum foils because of their excellent quality of protection of the food proteins and aluminum can be very easily recycled. This is why we need to replace plastic bottled water with the best alternative such as aluminum bottled water because it has the following benefits:

Why aluminum bottled water is Best For You


Plastic bottles perform poorly against UV radiations and thus these radiations enter into the liquid that is inside the bottle and destroy the important proteins of the liquid which may be juice, water, or even milk. Aluminum bottles on the other hand perform impeccably against UV rays and do not let them enter inside the content. However, the taste of liquid inside the aluminum bottle might be a little metallic but it doesn’t have any effect on your health at all.


Aluminum cans are very durable and can be used almost anywhere. If you are a person who loves hiking or sports adventures then u must carry an aluminum can with you. Regardless of the falls or accidents, the can might go through but it will still maintain its shape


About 95 percent of Aluminum cans that are bought are recyclable. Germany tops the list of the countries that have recycled aluminum cans with 99% of all the aluminum cans recycled whereas Brazil is second with recycling at a rate of 98.2%.

Plastic bottles

According to research by The Guardian, it says that there are a million plastic cans purchased every second which means that 20,000 plastic cans are being purchased every second and this number will be increased by 2022-2023. We seriously are not thinking about what and how we are consuming plastic cans which put the environment into a huge threat generating one more reason to prefer aluminum bottled water.

Making of Plastic Cans

Plastic cans are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is made from petroleum and there is no way that it can be recycled. Another issue with plastic cans is that the factories that are used to produce plastic cans are also being run on fossil fuels and so are the vehicles used for transporting them.


For the saving of Earth and its benefit, we must switch to bottled water in aluminum cans so it can be recycled. There is no way at all we can handle or manage the production or use of plastic cans. Since aluminum water is not as common as plastic water, RAIN is one of the most common and popular aluminum water brand.

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