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Propur Water Filters

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Propur is a trusted brand that offers high-quality water filters. Their portable countertop gravity water purification systems are available in 5 different sizes and require no electricity to operate. These filters can be used anywhere you go, including on the move. These water filters are made from stainless steel in a fashionable design and will deliver reliable water filtration wherever you travel. Below are the pros and cons for each model.

Filters ProMax

There are many different options when it comes to water filters, but the ProMax water filter is a popular choice. Promax filters are undercounter water filters that fit on most faucets. Another popular home option is the ProOne PMC-4000 Undercounter Systems. The ProOne PMC-4000 Undercounter System includes a Promax Filter, and it fits into most standard faucets that have an aerator.

ProMax water filters are easy to clean. The ProOne countertop water filter is easy to clean and is cost-effective. It targets over 200 contaminants. The ProMax filter is also available in counter top and under-counter models. There are also ProMax shower filters, refrigerator filters, and refrigerator water filters. The ProMax filters by Propur are also available as replacement filters for your countertop and under-counter systems.

ProOne G2.0

The portable countertop gravity water filtration system by the Propur brand comes in five sizes, and it requires no electricity to provide you with reliable filtration of water anywhere. The portable water filters feature a high-quality, polished stainless steel finish for an elegant look. The compact design makes it easy to carry. This system is a great choice for those who travel and want safe water for cooking or drinking.

The main benefit of a ProOne G2.0 is that it does not require priming and begins filtering immediately after installation. However, you do need to remember to change the filter once a year, so you can use it for longer. It’s worth it, even if your budget is tight. If you’re on a tight budget, a ProOne G2.0 might be the best option.

Pro2 G2.0

The Propur Pro2 G2.0 water filter is a high-quality product. This silver-impregnated, white ceramic filter element can remove cysts and bacteria larger than 1 micron. The filter element can also remove chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride from your water. As a result, the pH level of your water is raised to 9.5. The filter is certified to reduce over 200 contaminants, and can be used for a wide range of applications.

The filter elements on this water filter are highly effective and long-lasting. ProOne G2.0 filters last approximately 2 years or about 2000 gallons. It is recommended to replace the filter element every six months. The ProOne 9-inch G2.0 works with other brands of gravity fed water filtration systems, such as Berkey’s. The two-stage filter system removes more contaminants and minerals than any other available.

Pro3 G2.0

The Propur Pro3 G2.0 water filter offers high-quality filtration for your home. The unit is lightweight and reusable. The filter is effective against more than 200 contaminants. It is NSF certified, meaning it is free of contaminants and poor-tasting water. There are many other benefits to this system, too. Here are just a few:

This filter element can be installed quickly and is compatible with all water sources. The filter element is made of silver-infused, white ceramic to remove fluoride. This filter element is ideal for all water sources due to its high quality design. The filter removes all contaminants and increases the pH level to 9.5. It is also suitable for drinking and cooking water. There are no other filters required. The silver-infused, self-sterilizing ceramic filter media removes all contaminants and raises pH levels.

Pro4 G2.0

Propur Pro4G2.0 is a great choice for your kitchen. The countertop filter comes with a stainless-steel chamber, lid and spigot. It removes over 200 contaminants, including lead and microplastics, but leaves healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Its long filter life and durable construction make it an ideal choice for travel or emergencies. It also removes odors and bad tastes. However, filtered water may have an odd taste and odor, which you may not like.

Propur Pro4 G2.0 uses a self-sterilizing, silver impregnated white ceramic material to eliminate chlorine and other chemicals. You don’t need to worry about water having traces of fluoride or chlorine. This water filter system can be used with any type of water source. Propur filters do not require additional flouride filters.

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