The Top 5 Grocery Delivery Apps Trending in the USA

Grocery businesses have now realized the importance of modern technology instead of running the business traditionally. Many grocery businesses have started on-demand services with a business model like the platform to customers or direct retail stores to the customers. 

Many grocery apps are running in the market today with significant profits and benefits to the customers. We have discussed below a few of the top grocery delivery apps that have been successfully used by users worldwide. 


One of the leading grocery shopping online in the USA is Instacart. It covers 85% of the US market as they have big giants like WholeFoods, Costco, etc., as their grocery suppliers. Partnered with more than 25,000 stores, Instacart ranks on the top in delivering fresh and in-time groceries to their customers. 

The app offers seasonal discounts and offers. Also, the first buyers get special deals or coupons, so it becomes beneficial to buy groceries from the app. 


The second-best grocery delivery business is Shipt. With more than 50,000 shoppers, Shipt runs around the entire USA with annual revenue of $120 million. Partnering with Target, Publix, WholeFoods, etc., Shipt has significantly made a place in the market. 

Shipt offers excellent discounts, and its unique business model allows users to check out quickly. Also, it is easy for them to check what’s on sale and will enable them to request items not listed. This app has exclusive features for every user to check the entire list of grocery items with a monthly or yearly fee. 

Well, research says that Instacart and Shipt have no difference but a minor difference for the users and the shoppers. Read more about Shipt vs Instacart to know the difference between the two popular grocery delivery apps. 


The Walmart grocery app is the digital version of the Walmart retail store. Walmart was a common name in the US for a long time. People were surprised to see a Walmart app on their phones, and they loved the online grocery delivery from Walmart. 

People were happy to find all the items they used to purchase from the store. With Walmart delivery, you can easily select your preferred slot for delivery. 

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is available in many cities of the USA. This is an extension of Amazon Prime, which means only users who own Prime membership can avail of these services and get products like fruits, vegetables, canned goods, packed snacks, beverages, raw meat, etc. 

With Prime membership, you can get free delivery, or else it would charge a delivery fee of $10 for orders above $35.


Postmates is an on-demand service to deliver groceries for daily needs. It is also partnered with Starbucks, McDonald’s, Walgreens, etc., with a service of 24 hours a day. A nominal delivery fee is charged depending upon the distance of the delivery location. 

There are plenty of other examples of grocery delivery apps available and well-known in the market. People have their own choice choose any grocery app. Businesses looking to start an on-demand delivery service should deeply consider these apps and understand their business models with pros and cons. 

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