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What You Need to File a Car Insurance Claim Post-Accident

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Ali Hamza

No one plans for an accident; they happen randomly. That doesn’t take away the need for preparation if you get involved in one – a car accident or whichever. This is why car owners take out insurance cover for their vehicles.

When you’re involved in a What You Need to File a Car Insurance Claim Post-Accident, there’s a lot that’ll ring in your mind. One of them is how and when you’ll file for the insurance claim. This is after you have been checked and given a clean bill of health from the hospital. These are the few things you need to file.

Police Report

One of the things you need to do after a car accident is to check if you and every passenger you have is okay. After scanning, you can now worry about documentation. And the first one you need to have, regardless, is a police report.

Once you have ascertained if everyone is fine or not, you need to call the police. Ideally, you should call and inform them of injuries, if there are any. Even if the accident is a minor one, you need to call the police and get a report.

If they don’t show up, ensure you go to the nearest station and file a report. The report is crucial to your insurance claim as it will state:

•           Where the accident happened

•           Date and time

•           Info on the car and driver responsible; plus, insurance information

•           Evidence

•           Witness reports

Auto Accident Report

After reporting to the police, you should, in an ideal world, get an auto accident report. But this isn’t the whole story regarding accidents and insurance claims. You need to have the proper medical attention and representation; that’s why you need to file this report.

For example, when you file Texas auto accident reports or search for your local online reporting agency, you’ll be fully covered to file your claim as all the details of the accident will be recorded. If the accident isn’t your fault, this is the report that will help you prove it. The report will also come in handy when trying to get a lawyer for your insurance claim.

This report will contain:

•           Location

•           Date and time of the accident

•           Make and models of the cars

•           Weather conditions

•           Other conditions that may have resulted in the accident

You can easily file the report online. Ensure that all the details filled in are correct; you want near-perfection when filling out this form.

Medical Records

You also need medical records if you file for an insurance claim after an accident. After an accident, all may seem well until further tests are done at the hospital. That’s when you may realize that you or one of your passengers has an injury.

Going to the hospital is the only way to ascertain the injuries are from the accident. After the check-up at the hospital, you need to have the medical reports or at least copies of them for the insurance claim.

Some of the things that conclude a medical report include:

•           Hospital admission fees

•           Emergency medical treatment

•           Physical therapy

•           Physical record

•           Medical services -tests and diagnosis

Car Damage Notes

After a car accident, you need to note down any relevant information. The notes can work in your favor, as they’ll act as the evidence. Here, you need to have pictures of the car and the car’s damages from the accident.

The insurance will either pay for the damages or send you to their service contacts. Without evidence, some damages may be brushed off. You’ll give a detailed account of the damages after the accident with the car damage notes.

Your Car Insurance Policy

When you signed your insurance forms, you must have kept a copy. Now, you need to review the copy to find out the terms you will file. If you have a lawyer, they’ll also need a copy of the insurance policy to guide you on the claim.

You may also want your lawyer to have a look at your health insurance policy. It would help if you learned early how much the medical cover would help with your hospital bills.


When you have had a car accident, you need to quickly file the insurance claim with your carrier. These are some things you need to ensure that your insurance claim is filed successfully. Depending on your cover, each document should suffice in its relevant sector.


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