Methods to Embed Facebook Feed on Squarespace website

No one can deny that Squarespace is an amazing platform that helps build a website and have an online presence. But one should know that merely having an online presence is not enough for running a business, it is vital to have a notable online presence. And for that, you need to have some element that makes the website more memorable and impresses customers. And this is where the strategy of adding Facebook feeds on Squarespace website jumps in.

There are ample ways to embed Facebook feed on Squarespace website. These methods are easy to implement and are effective. We all know that Facebook is the hub of content that has the potential to hold viewers for long and create an everlasting impression. So, it would be a smart strategy to use these contents on the website and develop some brand recognition and reputation. 

As mentioned above, there are various ways to do it, but we have filtered some 2 most straightforward ways to do it for your ease. These methods save your time and effort and provide excellent results. So without any further ado let’s learn them.

Simplest ways to embed Facebook feed on Squarespace website

Adding Facebook feed on Squarespace website can hugely help your business. Like, it can help you establish an impressive online presence, provide your visitors with social proof, bring liveliness to the website, and more importantly, helps you in converting your visitors into your customers. Along with these benefits, this strategy has various other advantages that you can enjoy once you adapt to this strategy. And the simplest ways to do it are:

Using social media aggregators

Social media aggregators are phenomenal tools that help users in collecting and displaying social media feeds from various social media platforms. There are various social media aggregator tools readily available in the market that help users to collect, curate, customize and display social media feeds on website.

Social media aggregators provide a dedicated Facebook widget for the website that works as a functional block. This functional block displays the Facebook feed hassle-free and without hampering the speed of the website.

To embed Facebook feed on Squarespace website using social media aggregator, all you have to do is collect the feed using the tool, copy the embedding code and paste it to the backend of your website. And this is it, by following these simple steps, you can make your website more lively and attractive and boost your website recognition.

Moreover, with social media aggregators, you can even customize the widget, like you can change the font style, font size, and more. Also, you can choose an appropriate theme or layout for your widget. All these measures help to improve the look and feel of your widget and eventually increase your website’s beauty.

Also, social media aggregators offer a moderation feature that allows you to remove the content you think is inappropriate for your website. Users can either remove the feed manually or opt for the profanity filter. The profanity filter removes the content consisting of provided keywords automatically.

And as mentioned automatically, another amazing feature of using social media aggregators is – it refreshes the feed automatically. That means, as soon as the content uploads on the source, your widget will be showcasing it on the website widget. So there is no need to refresh the feed manually.

Using screenshots

If you want to avoid using any tool for your website, then this is the best alternative to social media aggregators. Facebook consists of various images or blogs that might be related to your business or might help you to improve the visual appeal of your website. Then, you simply have the option to take the screenshot of that particular content and paste it into the backend of your website.

With these easy steps you have a Squarespace website that showcases Facebook feed. This is a simple process, but it consumes more time compared to the method mentioned above. Because you have to go through the process every time you look to embed any content on the website. So it mostly works when you are very picky about the content and do not believe in using any tool for the website.

Also, it restricts you from customizing the widget. That means the widget will showcase the content using the same font style and size.

Summing It up…

No one can deny that Facebook has the element or vibe that brings people to the platform and holds them for long. By embedding Facebook feed on Squarespace website, you enjoy the same magic working for your website. There are various other benefits that you can enjoy, but for that, you need to add Facebook feeds on your website, and for that, you can adopt any of the two methods mentioned above. So go right now, try them, and watch your business establish a prominent online presence. 

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