What is Ecommerce Website Development for Medical Businesses?

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If you search for an online shop, you may be puzzled by the hit of service sites and information sites using the word “ec site”. From the meaning of the word “ec site” to how to make the site.

The meaning of the word e-commerce site is broad, and as the name e-commerce (e-commerce) originally suggests, all e-commerce sites are e-commerce sites. However, in doing business, there are few opportunities to talk about video distribution sites and rice shop sites in parallel. In order not to make a difference in perception in the conversation, it is more convenient to have a separate part of what you are talking about.

Therefore, the site of “selling” products on the net have become a flow called “net shop”. Of course, if you can buy something on the net, it is an online shop, so some people think that “the auction site is not an online shop, apart from the content distribution site? “Exactly that’s right, there are “actual divisions” and “divisions for convenience”. The breaks are somewhat complicated because there are no clear rules.

What are the types of e-commerce sites?

When you call it an online shop in business, it often refers to the following four.

Mall type e-commerce site

Asp type e-commerce site

Saas type e-commerce site

Self-made e-commerce site

Of these four, the term “ec site” is used when you want to separate and express the mall type ec site because it is a special standing position. When this narrow “ec site” is used, “mall-type e-commerce site” is often referred to simply as “mall-type” to avoid confusion.

Before explaining the differences between them, what does it mean that you do not understand the meaning of “asp type” and “SaaS type”? I think that some people feel that, let’s solve this. See the image below. Illustration of the differences between “asp type” and “SaaS type”. In conclusion, it is almost the same meaning as “asp type e-commerce site ≈ SaaS type e-commerce site”.

To briefly describe these services on the assumption that they are almost the same, it is “a service that accesses and uses software on the server on the service side via the cloud”. Users do not need to install software or rent servers. In addition, when it comes to orbit, various management tasks occur. Inventory management, slip management, cooperation with suppliers, response to delivery troubles, etc.

What features do e-commerce sites require?

Can any function be operated sufficiently as an e-commerce site? Logics md ecommerce experts picked up what they could say is “this is mandatory”. These features are standard, whether “SaaS” or “mall” unless you create your own e-commerce site.

1. Shopping cart function

It is a function that the product you plan to buy enters the cart by pressing “put in cart” on the product image page. Let’s check the behavior when putting the product in the cart from the customer’s point of sight.

2. Payment service function

Some services have built their own “payment services”, while others require a contract with a payment agency. Let’s incorporate other payment methods, focusing on credit card payment fees, which are the most frequently used in online shopping.

When narrowing down payment methods due to the cost of implementation, the payment method that the target audience of the store uses the most takes precedence.

Convenience store postpaid payment is a popular payment method, but if it is introduced at a time when operating funds are not sufficient, it may affect the financing. It is also a smart way to gradually increase payment methods as the shop grows.

3. Order management system function

It is desirable that the order management system can be performed. So that it can be checked after receiving an order and canceling. It will be a source of trouble on the management screen of looking over there and looking at here.

In particular, slow shipping after payment or lack of contact after cancellation will damage the customer’s image. Ecommerce Website Development for Medical Businesses sites are more susceptible to word of mouth than physical stores, so let’s stick to the usability of the order management screen.

How do I create an e-commerce site?

If you use “SaaS type” and “mall-type” services, you can easily create an e-commerce site. In any service, when you register, the procedure until opening will be displayed according to the on-screen instructions, so let’s proceed step by step.

Once you have passed the screening of the payment system included in the procedure, you can start a shop (some services require you to apply for a payment system separately). For your own e-commerce site, start by renting a server (or using your own). Once you have a server, create a website. We will not discuss the details of how to create a website, but once you create a site, you can build your own four essential functions as a system or prepare it by linking services.

In addition, in-house developed systems are not overdeveloped. After opening, maintenance, new functions, and various adjustments accordingly must be made in-house. There are cases where it is cheaper to use other companies’ services, so please proceed with careful consideration.

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