6 DevOps Interview Questions And Answers For 2023

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DevOps is one of the hottest buzzwords in the tech world right now, but it’s more than a buzzword. This is for the development and operations teams to work together to deliver products faster and more efficiently. Over the last few years, the DevOps engineer job listing has grown significantly. Multinationals such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon are often looking for multiple DevOps engineer specialists. However, the job change market is highly competitive, and the questions asked during a DevOps engineer interview can be a lot of difficult themes.

If you’ve started preparing for a development and operations job in the IT industry, you know that it’s a difficult field that requires some preparedness to get that job. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for DevOps interviews that you can use to prepare yourself for a DevOps job in the industry.

Let’s start with some common DevOps interview questions and answers.

What Do You Know About Devops?

Let’s start by explaining the growing importance of DevOps in the IT industry. Discuss that this approach aims to synergize the efforts of development and operations teams to accelerate delivery of software products and minimize failure rates. We’ll show you that DevOps is a high-value-added practice that development and operations engineers work together throughout the life cycle of a product or service from design to deployment.

How Is Devops Different From Agile?

DevOps is a culture for development and operations teams to work together. This enables continuous development, testing, integration, deployment and monitoring throughout the software life cycle.

What Is The Role of AWS in DevOps?

AWS plays the following roles in DevOps:

  • Flexible service–Provides ready-to-use flexible service that does not require software installation or setup.
  • Scale support –You can use AWS services to manage a single instance or scale it to thousands.
  • Automation–AWS can automate tasks and processes and spend more time innovating.
  • Security –AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows you to set user permissions and policies.
  • Large Partner Ecosystem– AWS supports a large ecosystem of partners that integrates and extends AWS services.

How To Achieve Iac On AWS?

Let’s start with the story that IaC has replaced the old mechanism of writing commands in a script file and testing them in a separate environment before deploying. As with code written for other services, with the help of AWS, IaC allows developers to descriptively write, test, and maintain infrastructure entities using formats such as JSON and YAML. Allows you to. This facilitates development and speeds the deployment of infrastructure changes.

What Is Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing is a technique for running automated testing as part of a software delivery pipeline to provide immediate feedback on the business risks present in the latest release. Each build is continuously tested in this way to prevent staggering issues in the software delivery life cycle and to give development team’s immediate feedback. This greatly improves developer productivity by eliminating the need to rerun every test every time an update or project rebuilds.

What Is An Automated Test?

Test Automation or Manual Test Automation is the automation of manual steps to test an application or system. Automated testing requires the use of standalone testing tools. With this tool, you can develop test scripts and run them repeatedly without human intervention.

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