Best data science projects for a powerful resume

Data science is the study of how to extract value from data. It can predict the future, improve products and services, and even improve customer loyalty. The skills you learn in the best data science courses will help you build a career in many industries. But what if you have no experience with programming or statistics? If your goal is to land a job as a data scientist, it’s important to get started on your journey with a project showing off your talents. Here are some examples of good data science projects for beginners: 

Parkinson’s disease detection

Parkinson’s disease is a disease that affects your nervous system, and it’s the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s. It can cause tremors in your hands, arms, legs and face. Parkinson’s disease is typically diagnosed through an imaging test like a PET scan or an MRI. This project will use machine learning methods to detect Parkinson’s disease from these scans, which could be useful for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Fake news detection

Data scientists are in high demand in various industries, including the media and finance. One of the most common job requirements for data scientists is to develop a method to detect fake news. In this project, you will be responsible for developing a method that can accurately detect fake news from real news. You will understand how fake news works, how it is spread and how it can be detected from different sources. You will also be able to write code for your algorithm, which will help you understand how it works and what kind of data needs to be collected from the sources before processing them properly.

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Movie Recommender

The Movie Recommender project is a great way for someone with little or no coding experience to start working with machine learning. The goal is to predict movies people might like based on their preferences and other criteria such as age or gender. For example, if you’re interested in action movies, you could use this algorithm to determine which ones would be best suited for your audience while also considering factors such as price range and availability of tickets at the theatre (you could use an online service like Fandango).

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is an essential data science skill that can help you understand how people feel about different topics. You can use sentiment analysis to determine whether a brand’s message resonates with customers or whether someone has written a positive comment on their Facebook wall.Sentiment analysis is also useful for gauging public opinion on political candidates, sports teams and celebrities. This kind of analysis allows you to determine what people think about things to make informed decisions about them. Due to the many skills you can learn while studying sentiment analysis, you should also practice it in Java projects for beginners and not just in data science projects.

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