Dark Joseph Ravine Officially Becomes an Actor

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Dark Joseph Ravine, the founder of Kindness for Success, has taken his first foray into the world of acting. After starring as Arnie in Steve Oakley’s Steinberg Rides Again, Ravine is going to be reprising his role in the sequel, “Steinberg Stops the War”. Ravine has always enjoyed entertaining people through humor, drama acting, and singing. Another talent that Ravine possesses is voice acting. He knows how to speak in different voices, tones, accents, and can even impersonate other people’s voices. Although Ravine identifies chiefly as a motivator for positivity and kindness, he has decided to venture into the acting and entertainment industry.

The next movie, “Steinberg Stops the War” features Steve Oakley, a 72-year-old, actor who was resurrected and is disturbed by wars and Ravine agrees. Ravine says, “Wars are catastrophic and leave devastating consequences in their wake. We also have our own personal wars we fight, so to speak, and even these are pointless. Starring in the move ‘Steinberg Stops the War’ has me reflecting on the importance of being peaceful and that true success can never be achieved through battles or war. In this movie, I will be playing the role of Arnie once again like before where I agree with Steinberg that wars are stupid. This is mostly a comedy.”

Ravine notes that “When someone takes it upon him or herself to stop a fight, then they are nothing short of a hero, in my opinion. The more peace we bring to the world, the better life will be for all of us because we’re all in this together. Although peace can be a struggle for many of us, it is important that we understand that the outcome of fighting is often unsuccessful and leads to more losses than gains.”

Ravine combines his passion for entertainment and kindness by promoting the message that, “We should strive for love and compassion over discord at every opportunity. At the end of the day, why should we harm others for personal gain? From my experience, anything gained by use of force will only last short-term.” Although we may not make peace with everyone, keeping the peace on our part encourages unity and respectful co-existence. As Ravine resumes his kindness mission as a social media influencer, he seeks to find opportunities to encourage others, including himself, to be better people. Ravine hopes that his mission for spreading kindness will lead to lasting changes in the world.     

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