Geirger Explores Important Lessons Relevant to This Generation’s Apocalyptic Fears

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Since its debut, Geiger has been a very popular creator-owned comic directed entirely by Geoff Johns and multiple artists. Johns explores some unique themes in his apocalyptic universe that help separate it from other similar books and series. It has become one of the most acclaimed series of its type for a reason, including its mature and nuanced understanding of the impact of war.

Geiger’s Unique Apocalyptic Touch

Geiger takes place in Johns’s apocalyptic universe where the world is heavily radioactive after the Unnamed War erupts. Geiger is a man who should be dead after a series of radiation exposures. However, he instead changes to become essentially immune to radiation. As a result, he becomes a wanderer in the destroyed world around him, seeking companionship in a brutal and cruel world.

This unique environment takes cues from several post-apocalyptic universes but brings a personal touch that isn’t often seen. Johns focuses on his characters and their reactions to this changing reality, not on huge or gaudy set pieces. That said, he also brings in action to keep the story moving and uses these moments to help reinforce the series’ underlying lessons and themes. These timely themes explored in a fun, fiction universe can help people explore these concerns without experiencing them first-hand in a real apocalypse.

Lessons We Learn From Geiger

Apocalyptic literature has become incredibly popular in recent times, as the social consciousness drifts closer and closer to thoughts of end times. Global warming, the threat of World War III, potential famine risks, changing political climates, and other major fears all affect our unconscious minds as we try to live normal and happy lives. Johns realizes these concerns brilliantly in Geiger.

Geiger is a man permanently transformed by the apocalypse that has destroyed so much of the world. His mutations have made him dangerous to others but protect him from the harsh realities of the new universe around him. The underlying lesson here is clear: when the world changes forever, those who change with it can survive but are permanently bound to it in devastating ways.

It’s the kind of fear that the world faces every day. While we binge-watch television and try to ignore the news, our unconscious minds continue to fear the end of the world. Johns reminds us that the end of the world doesn’t have to mean the end of our lives. However, it means a permanent change in perspective and reality that will alter who you are as a person on a very deep level.

Keep Reading to Learn More

Are we living in pre-apocalyptic times that could trigger at any moment? It’s hard not to feel that way when watching the news. Johns taps into this primal fear and explores important themes of sacrifice, death, and betrayal in a rich environment with many fascinating characters. Reading through his work gives the reader a look at these apocalyptic fears and how they may play out in our lifetime.

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