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Branding Tips For Marketing On Instagram


Instagram is the social network that is hitting the hardest today. It will probably continue to be the most popular in the coming years, considering that it exceeded one billion users in 2018.

Although it is an intuitive platform that we all love to upload photos and receive likes ( something that may soon cease to be the case ), when it comes to following an Instagram marketing strategy to give visibility to a commercial brand, we err on the side of Instagram. Don’t get the most out of it.

That is the reason why you do not generate engagement with your community. And faced with this difficulty, many end up abandoning their Instagram marketing strategy over time.

But to prevent you from reaching this point and not throw away all the effort and money invested, we have gathered in this post all the information you need to:

  • Improve personal or business profiles on Instagram.
  • Create an attractive and consistent feed with your branding.
  • Use stories as a marketing tool on Instagram.
  • Design effective ads for Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Make use of other innovative functions of the platform.

How to improve the profile to do marketing on Instagram

Many professionals and businesses decide to change their personal profile to a brand profile. This is to boost their corporate image and create an online community around it.

Are you also at this point? Well, it is important that you know that having any type of Instagram profile with good content and design ideas is vital. It is your best letter of introduction.

So, to optimize your profile, we give you the following tips:

  • Use the same fonts for images with text. If you’ve started using Helvetica, don’t switch overnight to Arial.
  • Make “checkerboards” with two types of publications. This is a visual composition of two posts (or you can add more) that are connected to each other.
  • Include quality watermarks on your images. If you decide to do it, check that it is not pixelated or disproportionate.
  • Add corporate links in your bio. With the Linktree tool, the user will be able to open different links that you are interested in showing (from your website, landing pages, or articles).
  • Follow the same chromatic style in your posts. That is, define the colors, filters, or retouching of your photos to follow a coherence in your feed.

Instagram marketing tips for an attractive feed

Do not think that it is enough to create a company profile on Instagram and upload photos every other day. You must go one step further and be creative when communicating with your community.

So, here are some recommendations that will help you create a strong brand image. And not only that but also if you have an online store, your sales will be increased. Join us!

➽ Plan your content.

It will be of little use that you have brilliant and creative ideas if you do not plan your content in an orderly manner and follow a method. So start by creating a social media calendar. So that you can keep track of each of the publications and not miss a day without publishing.

➽ Follow a posting frequency.

On the other hand, study the frequency of your posts and the best time to post. To do this, the only way to hit the nail on the head is to try and carry out different tests.

➽ Follow a style in line with your brand.

Use your corporate colors so that your users quickly connect with your brand. And decide what type of feed you are going to choose; color feed, landscape, portrait, checkerboard, framed, large feed, or puzzle.

➽ Add hashtags in the descriptions.

Use hashtags so that people who do not follow you and find your publication with a specific hashtag reach you and learn about your business. Without a doubt, a good marketing idea on Instagram is to increase brand visibility.

Stories: The key to marketing on Instagram

If you want to boost the presence of your business on Instagram while increasing the volume of interactions with your community, the key is in the stories. Therefore, we recommend the following:

  • Share the back of the business by humanizing it (support from the personal profile).
  • Use stickers to entertain and amuse your followers.
  • Include story highlights with icons.

➽  Use stickers in your stories

One of the marketing resources on Instagram that most encourage interactions since it provokes reactions from the audience are the stickers.

Design your marketing ads on Instagram

When it comes to paying for advertising to do marketing on Instagram, you should know that these types of ads exist; image, video, carousel, stories, presentations, and collections.

So think about the type of ad you are going to choose, taking into account the copywriting for Instagram that you are going to use.

We give you some design tips to make your ads effective:

– For ads with photos:

You already know that it is an ad with a photo, in square or horizontal format. If it is accompanied by text, it must be less than 20% of what the total image measures.

– For video ads:

To be effective, when you make a video ad, include a strip of text at the top with a direct phrase and in a readable color that stands out from the video.

– For carousel-type ads:

Take advantage of this format to describe the benefits and characteristics of your offer (with an image and a short text) in a direct and simple way. Generate expectations for them to read the entire carousel!

Other new features: Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping is currently trending. We couldn’t finish this post without mentioning it so that you can also consider them in your Instagram marketing strategy.

The potential of Instagram Shopping

As we have already mentioned above, Instagram can increase the sales of your eCommerce or online store with the Instagram Shopping feature that was integrated in 2018.

With this functionality, stores can include price tags for their products. So when the user sees a photo with a label that says “Tap to see the products,” it means that they can press the button to get the price of the product. And if the user is interested, they will click on it, and the blue “Buy” button will appear.


At first glance, Instagram, like the rest of the social networks, hides much more potential than can be seen. Therefore, we must study in depth each tool that we use to get the most out of it.

So, don’t forget to follow these tips that we give you. Try the newest of the moment (such as stickers or featured stories on the profile). To see if it really works with your brand and get once and for all maximize the visibility of your brand in the social network of the moment.

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