All about Honda BR-V 1st Generation!

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It is the Honda BR-V can be described as an MPV subcompact in size and is manufactured by Honda since the year 2016. The vehicle is a part of the second-generation Mobilio which is based on the longer Brio platform. The BR-V is located beneath the HR-V, and is available across Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, and Thailand.

After years of waiting, there has been a start of developments in the Pakistani automotive sector. Companies in Pakistan are now developing automobiles other than sedans and hatchbacks. Also Read: Honda City Price in Pakistan

Honda BRV is a different vehicle that isn’t an SUV instead it’s an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) with seven seats, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle. Thanks to Honda to Honda, at to at Pakistani “nationalists” have another alternative to choose for their families, other than Bolan. 

There was no choice in this category and the ones that were available were quite expensive. This is an excellent decision taken by Honda because the cost of a vehicle remains quite high, but there’s no doubt that it will provide some comfort to Pakistani families as they now have a vehicle that they can travel with their families.

Exterior Design and features:

The design of this vehicle isn’t as impressive like SUVs. It is a standard-looking car designed to fulfill the function only. If you see this vehicle without a sticker, you’ll be able to tell it’s a Honda company since its exterior appears like the blend with Civic City and Civic City. 

The most important aspect that is unique in the style of the Honda car is its ground clearance, as most other cars from the company have a low ground clearance, while this can be driven off-road. The overall appearance of the vehicle is nice but nothing extraordinary considering this is an MPV . expecting more from an MPV made by a company in Pakistan will not prove to be wise idea.

Interior Design & Features:

Inside in the BRV one of the things you’ll notice is the abundance of plastic in the doorways, the dashboard as well as the steering wheel and the transmission. Similar to its exterior, If you’re experienced with the urban or civic interiors, then you’ll be able to see that it’s a mix of both.

Right in direct view of drivers, there are simple meters that provide the usual information, similar to other cars, but not as much normally found in advanced and costly vehicles. It also has an infotainment display too, which is older and did not have the latest technology like apple auto or android car play. Also Read: Honda BRV Price in Pakistan

Engine and Power:

It is not a high-performance vehicle. It is a basic car that fulfills its function. It comes with an 1.5 Liter four-cylinder engine that generates 117 horsepower )@6,600 RPM with a highest torque at 145(14.8)@4,600 which isn’t great but sufficient for driving in the city and also to some extent, for off-road trips. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 180 km/h and going from 0 to 100 will take around 15 seconds. This clearly demonstrates the capabilities of the vehicle.

Comfort and Safety:

The Comfort zone of the vehicle is good since we Pakistanis did not expect anything from locally built cars, the seats are good and have at the very least an option to adjust the position of the seat, even the center armrests aren’t located on the front or rear. 

It is, as mentioned, seven-seater however if we are talking about the ability to adjust adults, then it’s an eight-seater vehicle since on the second row , the adjustment of 3 adults at a time isn’t feasible. For passengers in the 2 row, the only benefit is their headroom and legroom at the very least they are able to expand their legs during long trips. 

The car has a climate-controlled air conditioner that comes with an air throw that is nice in front seats. Also, for the rear passengers, they have been air vents installed on the roof. They are good however they may not be enough on a hot and day, especially if you seven people in all.


From a safety point of the view of safety, if we compare it to vehicles on the international market , then there’s no 10 percent chance of getting certified for driving as the most basic safety features are absent, for instance airbags for all passengers.

They are not available, just one airbag is fitted for the driver, which is located in the steering wheel. The only one other safety feature that is present in this car can be described as ABS brakes. Also Read: Honda Civic Price in Pakistan


The Honda BRV I-VTEC has been built to serve the intended purpose. The number of safety features, as well as other features inside the vehicle don’t match the cost, which is the reason why the vehicle is quite expensive. The sole reason to make it a success for its market in Pakistan can be “having no competition in this segment and only alternative vehicle to Suzuki Bolan for adjusting seven members.

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