Advantages and disadvantages of a digital bathroom scale

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Of course, if you are looking for a bathroom scale with a body fat display, remove shower wall panels you only have to buy a digital version. After all, you can only read the weight on an analog one. In addition, you have a large tread with a digital bathroom scale, as these models only have a small display.

The main advantages and disadvantages are:


  • easy-to-use bathroom scale with grease indicator
  • modern design
  • measures with 50 or 100-gram classification
  • very durable and robust
  • Display for easy reading of the weight
  • no measurement fluctuations due to humidity or temperature


  • only works with the battery
  • Displays are usually quite small

Advantages and disadvantages of an analog bathroom scale

For many, the analog models are the epitome of a retro bathroom scale. Of course, such a bathroom scale is always calibrated, but due to the ambient conditions, there may be fluctuations in the measurement. A big advantage, however, is that you can operate this bathroom scale without a battery.

We summarize the most important strengths and weaknesses once again:


  • Large display for easy reading
  • works without battery
  • available in attractive bathroom scale retro design
  • Robust footprint and production
  • provides a secure hold
  • can be calibrated before use


  • There is scope for misinterpretation due to the large display
  • shows only kilograms
  • reacts to humidity

What do I have to pay particular attention to when buying?

When buying a bathroom scale, you should always keep an eye on several features. It is important that your bathroom scale test winner suits you and your household.

Tip: The accuracy of a bathroom scale is higher for digital models over a long period of time. This is simply due to the fact that the mechanical bathroom scales react to climatic peculiarities, so deviations in weight can occur here.

Material shapes the design

Especially with the materials used, there are considerable differences. For example, there is the wooden bathroom scale. It provides a rustic charm but is very durable due to the material. A special shape here is the bathroom scale made of bamboo.

If you want a modern design that fits well into timeless furnishings, we recommend the glass bathroom scale. It is timeless, easy to clean my acrylic due to the smooth surface, and also looks very discreet.

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