9 Best For Sale By Owner Websites in America

You can save money by selling your house without a realtor, but often not on the buyer’s agent commission. Homes without a real estate agent typically sell for less money, partially or completely offsetting the savings.

Selling FSBO is a substantial time commitment and a lot of effort. Alternatively, you can search for the “we buy houses for cash near me” when you sell yourself.

Houzeo is an excellent option for property sellers who wish to sell their properties without paying a real estate agent or broker. Houzeo provides an in-depth analysis of all the important property data. Simple listings on, Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia, across the nation, with a unique mobile app version. Reduce online commissions.

Houzeo for sale by owner services is available online. Listing and editing are both simple. The majority of Houzeo’s plans feature an upfront fee. You will not be required to pay a buyer’s agent commission if an agent does not represent your buyer.

Pros of Houzeo

  • Online, everything is available through an interactive interface.
  • Your home will be listed on well-known websites like and Zillow.
  • Before you sign your contract, there are no unpleasant surprises with Houzeo; you will be aware of what is covered.

One of the earliest for sale by owner websites with nationwide coverage is Furthermore, sellers on should have plenty of time to dedicate to the procedure. All site visitors who are real estate sellers have access to additional materials, including yard signs for sale, qualified counsel, and items to facilitate the selling process. As solely administers the listing, additional materials like signage and documents will be billed individually.

Pros of

  • assists FSBO sellers in achieving their financial savings objectives.
  • Available in every country

Cons of

  • Inconsistent performance of brokers
  • Prices vary based on your region.


One of the most well-known websites for sale by owner listings that give sellers customization options is Fizber. Marketing assistance for FSBO sellers is provided by a nationwide group called Fizber. They provide FSBO sellers with a wide range of flexible options, including no-cost services and pre-paid bundles. They hope to make the property selling process easier and cheaper by enabling you to obtain what you require.

Pros of Fizber

  • provides access to the MLS.
  • Excellent customer support
  • Available globally

Cons of Fizber

  • You won’t have control over your selling experience because brokers aren’t on the platform (everything is offline).
  • Your account could be assigned to a broker with a poor reputation.
  • There are no sophisticated features, social media sharing, or mobile apps.


A flat-fee MLS service called Homecoin gives users access to mobile and web tools so they may edit and improve their MLS listings whenever they want. Sellers can make up to ten changes to their MLS listing without restriction. For the same resource that a listing agent uses, Homecoin costs a single upfront price.

Pros of Homecoin

  • The MLS bundle’s refund policy is first-rate.
  • Affordable MLS packages make it simple for sellers to advertise their properties on the MLS.

Cons of Homecoin

  • Fewer services than a real estate agent with full services

For Sale By Owner gives buyers and sellers the tools they need to make a property transfer happen without the involvement of a real estate professional. The website offers live customer service and how-to tutorials to help novice buyers and sellers.

Pros of

  • The Listing Agent’s Real Estate Commission is not due from You.
  • You can speak intelligently about your home without dealing with an agent.
  • You are completely in control of the process.

Cons of

  • Regular modifications to Paid Packages


Anyone wishing to purchase, rent, or sell a home can use the full-featured real estate software Zillow. You may browse millions of houses and flats for sale or rent from the search tab, and you can use powerful search criteria to refine your results.

Pros of Zillow

  • More than 135 million properties’ worth of data is available to consumers via the Zillow app.
  • Additionally, the map view unlocked more search options.
  • If an agent has posted a home for sale, Zillow will also pull listings from almost every Multiple Listing Service system in the nation.
  • There is a sizable listing of real estate agents on the Zillow app.
  • Numerous mortgage features are available on the Zillow app to make the process easier.

Cons of Zillow

  • Advertises non-listing agents next to listings that aren’t theirs, leading consumers to believe that the agent is familiar with the property.
  • The leads produced for subscribing agents are frequently low quality and unresponsive.
  • Being a subscribing agent is expensive.
  • To obtain their listing leads, agents must invest significant money.
  • Zestimate is frequently off, a technique Zillow uses to estimate property values.

List With Freedom

List With Freedom is among the most well-known websites for selling a house on your own. You can list your house on the MLS and sell it on your own using their user-friendly web platform.

Pros of List With Freedom

  • The bundles are reasonably priced.
  • Fast MLS listing processes result in swift syndication of listings to other real estate websites.

Cons of List With Freedom

  • You will pay a greater buyer agent commission than other listing organizations.
  • Other than listing on the local MLS, they provide little support.


With the help of the online marketplace Beycome, buyers and sellers can conduct a real estate transaction without involving a middleman. Beycome is a flat-fee MLS listing service and a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) platform. Homebuyers can use the company’s dashboard to browse properties, make bids, and finalize purchases.

Pros of Beycome

  • You have unrestricted access to update your listing’s description, photographs, or price on
  • The business offers support for marketing and advertising.
  • Get professional help all the time.
  • Beycome is an all-encompassing platform that offers answers from the very beginning of research to the very end of closing the transaction with legal, digital documentation.

Cons of Beycome

  • For first-time sellers, it could be challenging because it’s a do-it-yourself real estate service.
  • Very little coverage.
  • Additionally, there are limitations for FHA and VA loans.


You can buy multifamily properties, condos, apartment complexes, and commercial properties on the website. You must refresh listings after 45 days if they are to remain active. Owners can add a location and many photographs on a map on the listing’s side.

Pros of Craigslist

  • Large, precious items are straightforward to sell.
  • Making a list is easy and quick.

Cons of Craigslist

  • Lack of customization in advertising and listings


You’ll have a cost-effective alternative with top-notch DIY tools if you choose a top-notch for sale by owner signs on the owner’s website. Full-service real estate brokerages are more expensive than websites like Houzeo and They may be extremely helpful in helping you understand the housing market and get the best price for your home.

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