7 Things That You Should Always Avoid While Using PC

7 Things That You Should Always Avoid While Using PC

PCs are an integral component of life in today’s era. As they are used for almost everything by humans. All the users are required to follow some basic Dos and Don’ts while working on their PCs. This article contains a list of things that you should always avoid doing on your PC.

1. Never Use an Outdated Device Driver

The software drivers files are the essential components for all devices, as they are responsible for creating a link between an operating system and hardware devices. An outdated driver always creates a hindrance to the performance of the device.

It is advisable to use driver updater software for windows 10 PCs in order to update all the problematic and outdated drivers files. Taking an example of the keyboard driver, when the keyboard doesn’t work properly then many have a question that ‘How to reinstall keyboard driver?’

A simple answer to this question is Bit Driver Updater. This is one of the best software for the purpose of installing the latest versions of the device drivers. The Bit Driver Updater detects all the new updates for the driver files and installs them on the PC.

2. Always Keeps Your Computer Device Neat and Clean

Cleaning the computer device is always considered a good habit and all the users are suggested to do this on a regular basis. Working on a dirty or messy computer device is not liked by any user and it also affects the productivity of the user working on it.

The task of cleaning a computer device is very easy, the user is required to avoid the usage of water while cleaning it. As water damages the internal parts of the device. One can use different types of cleaning solutions to clean the computer device.

3. Don’t Switch Off your Computer Forcefully

The next important thing which all users should avoid is that the computer should not be switched off forcefully. Some of the users do this to save a few seconds, but they forget that forcefully switching off the computer damages the device heavily while saving time.

The proper procedure to shut down the computer should always be followed, it takes some time but protects the device from getting damaged.

4. Do Not Install an Application from Unknown Sources

A very important thing that all users should always avoid doing is installing an application from an unknown source. These sources can be harmful to the device as they corrupt the software.

It is always advisable to download things from a trusted and well-known source only. Any other source apart from these should always be avoided.

5. Do Not Remove Any Part of The Device Without Proper Equipment

A computer device consists of many tiny and complex components that can be seen in a computer’s CPU. Users with not full knowledge and proper equipment should never try to remove any part of the computer of their own.

If you face any issue with a particular part of the computer, consult with an expert who has proper equipment and knowledge about that.

6. Never Forget To Update the Operating System of your Device

Most of the time users forget to update the version of the operating system which they are using. An old version of the operating system may create an issue with the performance of the device.

The operating system can be easily updated, you are required to visit the settings of your device and check for updates there. Once you find an update for your operating system click on the install now button and the rest of the work will be done automatically.

7. Never Use A Loose Socket to Plug-In The Wires

This is a very important thing that is to be avoided all the time, you should never use a loose socket to plug in the wires of your computer device. As it creates a high chance of a short circuit that may damage your device.

A surge protector is recommended to all the users for the purpose of plugging in the cables of the computer. The chance of a short circuit occurring is very less in this so you can freely use it to connect the wires of your PC without any worries.


Computers are used on a very huge scale daily, thus it becomes very important to use them properly. All the things which are mentioned in this article above should always be avoided by all computer users.

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