7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Outdoor Furniture In Adelaide

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Adelaide is South Australia’s financial and government centre, and hence is a coveted city with a high population. Choosing to live in Adelaide can never be a wrong choice. If you’re someone who is moving to Adelaide or looking to build a home in the city, here are some common mistakes to avoid and a ready buying guide for outdoor furniture for this beautiful city Down Under.

Ignoring Weather-Resistant Requirements

One of the most basic aspects of outdoor furniture in Adelaide that many homeowners get wrong repeatedly is weather-resistant properties. Homeowners often choose furniture pieces purely for their aesthetic or their price, ignoring the all-important weather-resistant requirements. One must ensure outdoor furniture in Adelaide is weather-resistant as the city has a warm Mediterranean climate through most months of the year characterized by a shining sun and a fair chance of rain in the wet months.

Not Choosing A Modular Design

A modular design is a gift from interior designers to homes with limited space. In today’s day where modular kitchens, furniture, seating and shelving are making waves all over the interior design space, it would be a crime to not go for modular outdoor furniture. One of the many advantages of modular wicker furniture is its versatility. As the entire set is made up of single units such as corner seats, armless seats and tables, these can be assembled in a variety of ways. This feature is a boon with a compact outdoor area or when you have to dress up your backyard for a party and staggered seating makes sense. So ensure you put your money on modular design outdoor furniture!

Furnishing Only For The Family

You may be just two or three members of the family, but it is wise to furnish your outdoor space for at least 8-10 people. Many homeowners make the mistake of investing in two-piece beach chairs or a set of outdoor recliners that may be perfect for family use, but often isn’t enough when you have guests over. It is wise to have seating with a good capacity of at least 8-10 people. This is not only a practical seating solution for guests but also comes in handy on play dates or when you just want to put your feet up and lounge outdoors.

Bringing Indoor Furniture Outdoors

Whoever tried bringing indoor furniture outdoors certainly didn’t know it would become such a widely tried faux pas. Despite many interior designers calling out this mistake, homeowners still bring indoor furniture outdoors. This damages indoor furniture and causes premature damage to indoor furniture that would have otherwise lasted long. Outdoor furniture has UV-protected surfaces that can withstand sun rays, humidity and heat. High-grade PE resin wicker furniture is the perfect solution to outdoor furniture requirements that is light on the pocket and doesn’t warp in the face of weather damage.

Not Factoring Maintenance In Your Purchase Decision

Maintenance is a major post-purchase function that must govern the purchase decision of homeowners. Oftentimes, people get tempted by a particular piece of furniture only to realise that the cleaning and maintenance of the piece are way beyond their bandwidth. Some common high-maintenance furniture includes fabric sofas such as velvet, linen and synthetic surfaces. Avoid these in your outdoor space at all costs. It is best to choose a surface that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Wicker furniture is the best option for outdoor furniture in Adelaide in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

Blending Too Many Aesthetic Elements

It is an interior design crime to bring several different themes or elements together, whether indoors or outdoors. Choose a décor theme that strikes a chord with you and will be suitable for your outdoor space. This theme can range from minimalistic white to tropical beach vibes or even a vintage Victorian garden furniture setting. Whatever you choose, ensure you invest in furniture, fixtures, décor, artefacts and lighting that all round up to give a uniform aesthetic. Taking a leaf from each décor theme can only result in a confused and flashy outdoor area that fails to leave a mark in the mind of your guests.

Ignoring Durability

Oftentimes, homeowners invest in sub-standard furniture for their outdoor space, while splurging on the best for their living room and other indoor areas. It is important to choose top-quality furniture even for an outdoor space that lasts the test of time and is comfortable, functional and ergonomic. Some thumb rules to keep in mind when checking for durability and good quality include a rustproof aluminum frame. This lends toughness to the entire build of outdoor wicker furniture. For wicker tables, thick tempered glass is an ideal surface option. A weather-proof rattan body ensures your furniture stands the test of time in an outdoor setting. This takes care of durability and aesthetics.

 Wrap Up

We hope this list gives you enough inspiration to make the right furniture choices!


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