7 Ways To Save Space In A Compact Living Room

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A living room is a primary space to spend your leisure time, entertain guests and bond as a family. Compact living rooms can leave homeowners confused about what essential furniture pieces to invest in and what to pass. If you’re at the onset furnishing your abode and are wondering how to decorate a living room that’s not spacious, here are six hacks to save space and maximize your available area.       

Wall-Mounted TV Unit

A TV unit is a non-negotiable fixture in a living room. TV units have gone beyond being mere supporting furniture for the television to be a statement piece in a living room. After all, it is towards the TV unit that most eyes are directed the majority of the time – so why not make it worth the while? TV units with storage space can be used to keep gadgets, gaming devices, cords, modems, remote controls and more. For homes that have limited floor space, a wall mounted TV unit makes for the perfect fixture. Opt for one made with a white glossy polyurethane finish to give your living room a neat and minimalistic look. Plenty of soft-close drawers offer storage for all your entertainment essentials.

Create Storage Under Furniture

Coffee tables, couches, and accent chairs are all non-negotiable fixtures in a living. This often leaves homeowners wondering how they can open up space for storage. Well, here’s some good news! Several coffee tables offer a platform or drawer storage underneath that is great for storing napkins, coffee mugs, books, gadgets and even refreshments. Many couches also come with concealed storage beneath their seating or behind the headboard. Although small, these slots are great to tuck away extra cushions, linen and other essentials that you don’t need on a daily.

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Invest In Reflective Elements

Reflective surfaces are a great way to make compact spaces seem bigger. They also add a sense of positivity and elegance to your living room. Use reflective mirrors on storage doors, shutter surfaces, bare walls or even in a passageway to add some character to vacant spots. The biggest advantage of reflective surfaces is that they don’t need much to make them work. The entire silhouette falls in place with a decorative frame or a simple shutter cover. In turn, it makes your compact living room seem much larger than it is.

Zone Your Space

Wondering how to fit a dining area, a lounging spot and a coffee corner all in your compact living room? Don’t fret – all you need to do is create clear zones! This simple yet highly effective design trick comes in handy when your floor already has a defined geometric dimension, making it easy to divide it into different zones. Zoning your living room can be done using carpets/rugs, storage shelves, lighting and more. A cosy nook can be set apart by throwing a unique spotlight on that corner. Create a coffee cum reading zone by placing an angular shelf that demarcates that area. Accentuate a dining zone creating a focal wall all about food. This way, a small living room can be furnished to offer different aesthetics in different spots, making for a home filled with design and stories!

Make Made-To-Fit Furniture

Made-to-order furniture can be an expensive affair for homeowners working on a budget. But it has several advantages that make it worth the investment. First up, you get your furniture in exactly the shape, colour and design that you envision for your home. You can choose the material surface that makes up your furniture, taking care of durability and sturdiness. These features may sometimes be absent in cost-effective readymade furniture. What’s more, you can design your made-to-order furniture to fit the shape and curvature of your walls, factoring in any odd protrusions or gaps between walls, and making sure you leverage every inch of space available. Made-to-order furniture truly lets you make the most of your compact living room.

Elevate Shelving

A small living room may be restricted in terms of storage and fixtures closer to the floor level. That doesn’t mean that you can’t explore storage solutions further up the wall. Elevated shelving has been a saviour in homes that have limited floor space but boast of empty walls. Not only can this shelving be concealed to serve as storage, but it can also be left open to serve as a display unit for artefacts, photographs, books and more. This enables homeowners to add character to their homes without clogging the floor space and making use of the vertical dimension.

Wrap Up

Designing a living room involves a lot of thought, investment and iteration. Having said that, it is certainly worth every effort to make the best out of a given space. We hope the above ideas have offered you plenty of inspiration in creating your dream living room!

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