7 Advantages Of Choosing A Walk-In Chicken Coop

Starting a backyard chicken coop is one of the most lucrative and steady business propositions for anyone with extra outdoor space. Home-based poultry farming soon becomes a well-oiled machine that generates steady revenue from eggs and meat. While this business is extremely labour-intensive, it can be made easier by choosing the right equipment and fixtures. A big aspect of poultry farming is a chicken coop. investing in the right chicken coop in terms of design and size gives you a whole lot of benefits in operation and logistics. Here are some advantages of choosing a walk in chicken coop design for your backyard poultry farming business.

Easy Maintenance

One of the greatest tips to running a home business is planning in advance for maintenance. Small and cramped coops are tougher to maintain than walk-in coops. Remember, every coop needs to be cleaned often. Daily replacement of water, removal of droppings, and changing the food bowls are all necessary aspects of maintaining a coop. aside from this, there are periodic activities such as removing the feathers, cleaning the mesh and the windows, cleaning out nesting boxes and sanitizing the entire space – all of this and more while having the chickens close. Having a large walk-in coop gives caregivers enough room for manoeuvring and moving around the coop to get the job done. This makes regular maintenance less cumbersome and physically easy for people.

Prompt Care In Emergencies

A walk-in coop is designed to allow easy human access to poultry farmers and caregivers. The ceiling is tall enough for them to access the coop even while standing. This is tremendously beneficial in case of emergencies. When a chicken is in distress, caregivers want to reach the chicken at the earliest to offer the necessary help. Coops with small doors or roof entrances can make it tough to reach the chicken sooner. On the other hand, walk-in coops offer immediate and easy access, allowing even middle-aged people with limited mobility to enter the coop.

Extra Space For Chickens

Chickens can multiply quickly. Some eggs end up hatching in every nesting box and before you know it, you have a much bigger flock than you started with. In such situations, having a big coop is never a bad idea. While starting you may not require the extra height and space of a walk-in chicken coop, but you will soon realize how beneficial the extra space is not just for you but also the chickens. More space translates to more movement for the chickens and overall healthy living.

Dual Access

Walk-in coops usually have dual access with two doors, one at the front and one at the back. A dual-access coop has many advantages. For one, it lets you easily access the desired area to collect eggs, replace water bowls/food bowls, eliminate waste or reach a chicken in distress without disturbing the entire coop. In case one door is jammed or cannot be opened due to moisture, the second door always makes it easier to access the coop. what’s more, the idea of a chicken coop is to prevent chickens from meandering or escaping. For this reason, two doors are sufficient and ideal, while one door may be too less. Walk-in coops usually come with two doors, giving poultry farmers enough room to access the coop and always a spare door in case one fails to function.


Ventilation is critical for chickens to be healthy. While chickens require a damp, cosy and warm environment in the nesting boxes to lay eggs, the same isn’t true for the rest of the coop. a well-ventilated coop prevents heat stress, removes ammonia fumes, and keeps the coop from getting too hot in the summer. Chicken droppings release mild levels of ammonia, and a closed/damp environment can result in these ammonia fumes causing lung tissue damage for chickens. A larger coop with a high ceiling scores big on ventilation, helping prevent common poultry diseases during rainy season to a fair extent. So, investing in a walk-in chicken coop has advantages not just in terms of space but also in ventilation.

Helps Ensure Healthy & Active Chickens

Much like humans, chickens also require plenty of space to walk around and explore. This ensures that they get in some exercise and remain active, which is pivotal to their health. Remember, chickens multiply quickly! So it is wise to have a large walk-in coop that factors in the situation where few eggs may hatch into chickens now and then. What’s more, even a slightly clustered and cramped environment can cause discomfort and lethargy in chickens. It also results in any disease or infection spreading much faster in your flock. So, consider investing in a big coop to ensure healthy, active and safe chickens.

Wrap Up

We hope the above pointers give you better clarity on the type of coop most suitable to your requirements!

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