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4 Tips on Having Your Human Buddy Watch Your Furry Friend During Your Absence

Keeping your pet pup Fido happy and healthy should form the core of your plans whether you are at home or not. Pet sitters can come to great help during your time away from home, but what if their calendar is full of appointments and they have no time to accommodate your puppy?

They can’t be present at multiple places at a given time, right? Suppose your dog sitter is booked up and you have an extended meeting to attend and your workplace is far, far away, or you have a brief trip to make, or you can’t afford a dog sitter, then consider summoning your close friend home to watch your puppy until you return.

Friends are reliable people to leave our precious fur babies with and can be trusted to care for our fur kids during health and sickness. Leave them with important details, including your best pup insurance information, so they come in handy in needy times of health.

Suppose you haven’t bought a policy already; consider searching popular puppy insurers online and then requesting and comparing each pet insurance quote to sign up for a policy that best fits your furry baby’s health and your budget.

Contemplate purchasing a policy, so your little pupper is assured of basic health benefits in the least. Meanwhile, read this article for tips on having your human friend watch your furry friend during your absence.

1. Ensure comfort

Remember that your friend is not a dog professional to technically and perfectly handle your pet pooch’s good and bad behaviors. Things can get stressful for dogs in new environments, so invite your pal home to watch your dog instead of taking it to their home. Staying for extended periods in a different place can take a toll on a canine fur baby’s health and morale. 

Also, you don’t want your furry little one to chew up your friend’s furniture, do you? So, request your mate to spend time at your nest watching your furry precious.

2. Walk through your home

Your friend might have visited your home many times already but not in this context, so consider taking them around the house and showing them everything necessary. Otherwise, chances are your friend will not even realize if your doggy is up to no good in a secret corner, and the damage may have already been done before your friend arrives at the spot.

3. Provide vital information

Leave a note with a detailed list, including where to keep the keys, keeping the doors locked, setting alarms, information regarding caring for your puppy, and other things you feel are important. 

4. Preparing for an emergency

Have a plan in place, so your friend knows what to do when something goes wrong. Leave emergency contacts, vet and nearest animal emergency hospital numbers, and pet insurance details that can prove useful during unanticipated health situations.

The best pup insurance comprehensively covers a canine fur baby’s health. If you haven’t bought a policy, contemplate purchasing one after comparing each pet insurance quote from various insurers and assessing your fur baby’s health requirements. 

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